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TRAVEL HACKS: Low Airfare Tips & Tricks!

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It’s time to share one of my favorite travel hacks! And it’s all about where to find cheap flights, how to score cheap airline tickets and how you can use any of these tips to even grab last minute airfare at an affordable price! So here are a bunch of my low airfare tips & tricks! ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓

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Travelzoo: If you aren’t already on their VIP email list, sign up here: http://freebies2deals.com/Travelzoo
It comes out every Wednesday and is an email I actually sit around and wait for when I am looking for an awesome travel deal.

Fly.com: Use their FARE CALENDAR to search for the lowest dates to fly.

HitList App: Just search for it on your phone and download it! Tell it the places in the world you want to fly to and your hometown. It will notify you when any amazing deals pop up! My Tip? Be ready to book right when you get the heads up. The flights sell out fast!

Skiplagged.com: Enter in your destination city. This website will find flights that go PAST your destination city, but allow you to get off the flight during one of the layover stops. It’s genius!

Google Flights: Just search for it on Google. You can check out a chart to see lowest and highest prices for each destination throughout the year. It will even tell you which days will save you extra money if you are willing to fly out or come back a day or two earlier.

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Devine Adventure says:

LOL! Tried fly.com for flights from Seattle to Thailand and I didn't find a fair less then $3,500-$4,000. That's insane. Not sure I'll be using that site again!

The Dubya says:

Trying to plan a Colorado trip for my girlfriend and I while she is braving her way through nursing school… Thanks for the tips. We gonna need all the help we can get

riccia888 says:

the sound is not good. please upgrade your audio

Jazmin Martinez says:

CheapOAir is a good website too

Anne Lago says:

I really need to do dose things

Maya Claypool says:

I can't wait to use these tips! ILY

Olga l says:

Audio isn't so good. Mic too far or too much echo?

no_name _cupcake says:

i travel so many times and these hacks are gonna help so much THANKS!

Trainer Cheddar says:

april fools?

ebony williams lovinmynaturalself says:

can't seem to find hitlist app

Bgh192007 says:

I have been having trouble really find a good deal to Salt Lake City, Ut. I have been look for almost a year and still and can't get a good deal. I am going to a convention there in June but the pricing is still high any suggestion on what I can do about this

Fabio Barros says:

I'm from Salt Lake City. I'm glad I found you. Outstanding tips! thanks a lot. Oh, and you are angelically beautiful 🌷

Low Quotes For Life says:

Great tips, so good I posted your video on my FB page. EXCELLENT!

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