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TRAVEL HACKS FOR SPRING BREAK! Travel for CHEAP 2018! | Aspyn Ovard

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Hi guys! Today I am sharing my top money saving travel hacks with you all! Subscribe for more videos!

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Nicole Brasel says:

Have you ever tried travel zoo! They have great deals for flights and hotels!

Katelynn Edwards says:

actually most useful travel hacks ive ever seen. thank you aspyn!

Caileigh Hart says:

So glad to have this video to have so I can touch base to when I’m planning! Also, I’m wearing a pink shirt!

Isabelle Dunlop says:

For me,
Greece, check

Michaeleigha Slade says:

I have been watching your videos for YEARS and this is by far one of the best! Can't wait to use these tips for my dream trip to Italy! ❤

ZombiesDisney says:

I am going to Greece 🇬🇷 and we used air B and B

JosieKate Vlogs says:

Bora Bora!!

Davina Pry says:

Bora bora for sure

Kamri Beth K says:

Love you, Aspyn! My shirt is a coral color! #commentoftheday

The BES Life says:

Where did you get your suitcase from? Also do you like it and think it is worth buying?

martellsara. says:

damn i really needed this video

QueenBee1808 says:


MaudeBeauty says:

Greece and dubai

Emma Walker says:

My dream vacation is Bora Bora 😍

Chloe Hoffman says:

Thank you so much!!!! I enjoyed this video! It’s very helpful! I’m on a tight budget but LOVE to travel. This is going to be awesome

Emma Louise says:

Love these videos!! Watching them because I’m leaving for Hawaii in 3 days!

Abby Adams says:

I’m going to Italy also

Simone D says:

Where's your suitcase from???

Jocelyn Henderson says:


Man Ching Yau says:

my dream vacation is Seattle TT

Naomei and friends says:

italy or bora bora!

Hey it's Jeni Xx says:

I’m wearing a mint colour too

doaa says:

this was really helpful!:D

Eunice M. says:

What's the song in 0:01 ???

Magical Unicorn says:

This video was so helpful! You should make a packing life hacks video!

Alanys G. says:

I live in puerto ricoooooo🇵🇷🇵🇷

Olivia Colter says:

This was an amazing video Aspyn 😊 one of my favourites it is amazing how much effort you put into your videos💕 thank you❤️✨

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