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Travel Deals/Travel Packages, check out these special sites

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Check out these sites for travel in and around in Asia including the philippines. And vacation packages
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This Site for booking tickets for airrline travel, bus and train included.


This is larga a travel site for vacation packages


We also purchase our solar panels and many items through this site called lazada


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Ken actOFkindness says:

busy digging lady farmers well sorry :), God create the miracle i pray for amen

Curtis Ake says:

I have used agoda.com in the past for my hotels. I haven't used it yet, but another blogger posted information about: skyscanner.com for air travel. Hope this helps. I will for sure check out these two sites you mentioned here. Thanks!!!!

Mitch Bromwell says:

Thanks for Sharing. 😉
Will check out after working. 👌

All About The Philippines says:

Hi Tom. Some good information for sites there for sure 🙂👍

Tom and Ruth Philippine Adventures says:

All the links are in the description, for the web pages, thank you for your comment and watching and your support

Ladyfarmer thinksBIG says:

Wow..nice set up of video…im listening and watching now 🙂

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