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Travel Deals Cambodia $9.00 A Day Food Budget Cambodia Siem Reap Budget travel.

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Travel Deals Cambodia
$9.00 A Day Food Budget Cambodia Siem Reap Budget travel.
Yes it is possible to travel in Cambodia and spend $9.00 a day per person for food. If you like to eat Asian food and are open to the possibilities of eating food from the little restaurant in the marketplaces and outside on the street you were able to eat for $9.00 a day. For a budget backpackers food choices food will consist of dried fish, rice, Currys, suits, fruits and vegetables in your Buy them in the marketplace.
Remember no beer, no alcohol, you will drink bottled water as a substitute for alcohol beverages and commercial soda pops Coca-Cola etc. etc.
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Светлана Карташова says:

Очень информативно, большое спасибо!

Mr. Valentine says:

And some people are very shy to talk to us

Mr. Valentine says:

Sir in Cambodia food are very cheap

newmoon suon says:

Pls dont eat that clam it is so dirty my friend. U might get a bad day after eating that clam

ecuadordean says:

These are not cheap meals in a restuarant!

jayhere45 says:

Words of advice….when you eat in these street food restaurants you will never be eating alone …. COCKROACHES !!! EVERYWHERE. Now thats something they never want to tell you in these videos, AND they're very unclean places to eat. I've been traveling for two months now, around Thailand and Cambodia, you will see a lot of Paedophiles that will make you much more sicker than the food!

Richart Ek says:

as a Cambodian I don't recommend you to eat those clams. your stomach won't handle it.

Stephanie Jane says:

Great video Jerry! Really informative video about foods in Siem reap. I'll be visiting Siem reap in Feb 2017, definitely will try some of this restaurant/foods street.

sovana says:

Why would someone want to eat "Mexican" food in Cambodia tho? lol


Very cheap foods

Poompop Anantarak says:

thank for the video

jonh mark says:

I am really like this resturant and i am a lady tuk tuk near by this restaurant also it a good


some food are highly chemical like fruit ex apple u have to peel of the skin first before eat

stitchergary says:

Don't get the nachos at that mexican restaurant…. it was the worst meal I had in my 6 weeks in Siem Reap…..just my opinion…There are loads of good inexpensive places to eat though….

D. Millennial says:

Word of advise to any tourist. If you want to eat on a Budget listen to this guy! EAT WHAT LOCALS EAT! you can not go wrong! if you super rich got money to burn eat at those restaurants! trust me its good! 🙂

But yes eat local foods save you money and you eat well, and enjoying the good life Cambodia has to offer! good luck on your trips there my friend!

The New Travel says:

Nice one man. I found lots of great food in cambodia. favourite part was the fresh fruit smoothies

Elderp says:

Nice videos, but I would get a new subscribe picture. The lady in the subscribe part is ijustine and she is a VERY big vlogger. If your videos get popular you might get a take down notice.

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