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Tour 5 Family Friendly Travel Trailers!

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After traveling the country in an RV with a family of 6 for a year, we know what to look for in RVs! We take you to an RV Show with hundreds of RVs and we hand picked the very best to take you through. Sit back and enjoy all 5 Travel Trailer tours!

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alberto abarzua says:

Very helpful video thanks

Savage King says:

How much for an rv for 4 bedrooms?

Geron Vail says:

Cool couple! Keep up the good work!

Krishna K Chalasani says:

I sincerely appreciate your efforts and thank you for taking time to do this. However, request you guys to not have the back ground music….

Thomas Griffin says:

What was the info on trailer #5

Dennis Taylor says:

Thank you for very useful information. I am looking to buy one and get some advice from friends and RV experts on the Internet. Here is what I find interesting: https://outdoorfact.com/10-best-travel-trailer-brands/
Airstream would be a good choice?

Gabriel Sandoval says:

I don’t understand how the designers still haven’t been able to come up with a more attractive exterior design. The insides are awesome, but outside they don’t hold a candle to the classics.

Mrs_ Eve says:

You guys this was awesome.Thank you so much

Mary Midgley says:

Starcraft was a good price and nice trailer

Hevin Amber says:

AWESOME video; #4 you didnt show info

pucklizard77504 says:

Great job on showing the details and keeping it short. We are looking to buy our first. This was a helpful comparison.

Beth Erin says:

Thank you for sharing! We have 4 children as well… it can be a challenge to find comfortable sleeping arrangements for everyone 🙂

Following The Son says:

loved the tour.. does anyone know what model # 3 and # 4 were??

Following The Son says:

great tour. that really helped.

Anaksunamun _ says:

Me and my husband are looking to buy a Travel Trailer and this video was very helpful 🙂

Bruce Vrana says:

thanks for the tour

rachel kim says:

what trailer was #4?

Juno Mac RC says:

what is better fifth wheel or bumper pull?

San Bruno Beacon says:

There's a word for a person who becomes horribly ill after taking immunizations so that she can go on a humanitarian mission and the next day, after being ill, runs in a charity event. That word is: outstanding

SeahawkBriseno says:

Wish I had a family like yours #awsome

Vernon W says:

Nice. Thank you.

Jody's Journey says:

We weren't full time but my parents loved to camp and fish, so we spent most of the summer camping — five of us in a little Shasta smaller than the one you show toward the end — no bathroom, just a portapotty. My sister and I on the fold-down dinette, parents on the back bed and my little brother in a hammock bunk over the parents' bed. 😊

Pamela Cross says:

our first van was the size of number 5 in this video,,,it certainly was cosy..but we loved it.

Meagan Bollig says:

My husband and I are loving watching all of these. We want to RV eventually and this is helping me know what I want.

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