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TOP TRAVEL TIPS » 20 to know for during your travels

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Some tips I wish I had known before taking off to travel for 6 months in South East Asia and Europe. ☟click to show more☟

My top 40 travel tips for anyone wanting to travel to South East Asia & Europe. I’ve split these tips into 2 videos: 20 tips to know for BEFORE you embark on your journey, and 20 tips for DURING your travels. This video is part 2 :D. Enjoy!
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❤ Sadia


sweta mokashi says:

Hi, this vdo is really nice , r u watching India

Kris Ballard says:

Those are good travel tips.

Ritika Sharma says:

Hi Sadia , I would wanna know what do you think about Airbnb as a place to stay on vacations?

Leo & Ari says:

I would love to see some tips about traveling for beginners, like when someone is a little afraid about what could happen or do not know where to start. your videos are so awesome and professional!

realbrat40 says:

You forgot one very important tip for travelers, especially for women and those who may be traveling alone……be mindful and aware of the places, situations you get into, and people that you are around, this world is filled with just as much bad people as there are good. Happy traveling 😉

Erisha Jain says:

can you do a video on food when travelling abroad.. it will be really useful..

Hadeel Dawahra says:

I like how you talk 🙂

Rucha Shah says:

Both the videos : before going to travel and during travel seem helpful! Thank you so much and keep up the good work. Are you planning to any other tour in near future?
And also I would love to see Netherlands' culture , famous cuisines, shopping video if you could make that!

Fahima Feroz says:

Great video but booking ahead is not overrated especially if you are visiting Europe and Asia. I saved tons of money booking early and also lost so much money not to do so.

Justine Lives Abroad says:

I recently discovered your channel and I love it so much! Thank you for the tips. As for beggars, I often carry with me candy and when children in the street ask for money I hand them some candy. At least you know it's for them and not for the parents.

ndzuris says:

Hi Sadia,

I love your channel! Can you possible do something on how you got to the Netherlands / or moving abroad? I'm in the process of trying to figure out a plan for moving from the US to possibly the Netherlands or Germany and any info would be helpful. Take care.

Blythe Vrindavana says:

Can you do a video on haggling tips? Are there other countries, like the U.S., where haggling isn't really a big thing? Thanks!

Rosemary says:

Come to Nepal 😭

Susi Redjeki says:

Hi Sadia. Have been enjoying your great cheerful videos. As an lndonesian, l am sorry about your bad experience in Bali and hope you'll still visiting us again. Do continue to upload more videos please. Have a great day !

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