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Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2019 | Where to Travel This Year!

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The Top Travel Destinations of 2019! A list of where you NEED to travel in 2019! I share with you the best World travel destinations of 2019 with travel guides in each location.

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Top Travel Destinations of 2018:

World Travel Destination Playlists:
Tanzania – https://bit.ly/2QFRGaV
Finland – https://bit.ly/2RK9O0V
Sweden – https://bit.ly/2G4jfXu
Martinique – https://bit.ly/2SvvNZo
Iceland – https://bit.ly/2UmYyJo
California – https://bit.ly/2G8JnR3
New Zealand – https://bit.ly/2E6e0UJ

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Erik Conover says:

Here are my top 7 Travel Destinations of 2019! The most impactful places I've experienced over the past year. Comment your favorite location or some suggestions for 2019!

Rahul Krishnan says:

Switch lives mate?

byFrax says:

At first you should experience your own place by putting ur phone away and only use it whenever u need to.

Mstwinser says:

1. Japan
2. New Zealand
3. Switzerland
4. Chezh rep
5. Austria
6. UK
7. Iceland
8. Iran
9. Morocco
10. Chilli

Sagar Sambrani says:

Where do you get so much money bro?

Axperience says:

Morocco is pretty lit: https://youtu.be/CP8Mu6kNuTo

Go Mhoum says:

Come to Algeria

Maiv Ntxawm says:

No thanks to the winter wonderland. I’m from Wisconsin and we have enough winter here. Need some sunny destinations to visit.

Earth+ says:

Try Sri Lanka

TheHG12 says:

Love than Tanzanian guy at the beginning repping the University of Illinois!! Woohoo!!


You know that it's an awesome video when you don't even look at the comments

Lets Walk n Explore Korea says:

Excellent Video

Ngwenya Network says:

1.Pisa, Italy

Austin Garfield says:

I’ve been to new Zealand and went down the waterfall and jumped down the tower. Although the waterfall is only 21 feet but what is 4 feet really

Lachie Nelson says:

i subbed 🙂

Super JayMarc says:

Have you been to Palawan, Philippines sir?

Aleksi Leppinen says:

Great video, I loving also FINLAND. you need to go visit south of Spain!!

Marie Kwirine says:

Yaaaasss Tanzania 🇹🇿

Mt Kilimanjaro
Serengeti – Arusha
Zanzibar island
Magoroto – Tanga
Lake Ngosi – Mbeya
Saadani – Bagamoyo

The list goes on and on…

Md imran Ali says:

You are very powerful man
And i am very lucky to watch your videos

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