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Top 7 INCREDIBLE Travel Destinations of 2018 | Where to Travel This Year!

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The top Travel Destinations of 2018! A list of where you NEED to travel in 2018! I share with you the best World travel destinations of 2018.

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World Travel Destination Playlists:
Norway – http://bit.ly/2jaTEhA
Bali – http://bit.ly/2zHbMpN
Maldives – http://bit.ly/2ArsE4M
Japan – http://bit.ly/2zW0nXb
Bonaire – http://bit.ly/2d40zFl
New York – http://bit.ly/2AqH9WA
Hawaii – http://bit.ly/2AqHCYQ

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Erik Conover says:

Here are my top 7 Travel Destinations of 2018! The most impactful places I've experienced over the past year. Comment your favorite location or some suggestions for 2018!

Jack Villanueva says:

Wow awesome video

Julianne Rose says:

All spectacular! However I wouldn't promote driving a motorbike around Bali – just sayin'.

Darragh Waters says:

New. Zealand.

Tal Cohen says:

Love the video,but which 5 star hotel in Bali can you stay for $20?


Wow such an amazing video..
Letโ€™s look further than our beautiful snowy mountains! We push the doors of the world, and we go to the discovery of Laos, Venezuela, Canaries โ€ฆNo ideas for your vacation yet? Here are the ten dream destinations that will delight your vacation.


Paul Levequse says:

Norway ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

nishab p says:

Come to kerala ..
You might have heard..
The benefit is experiencing different sorts of travel destinations like mountaineering , beaches, backwaters , jugngle safari and the list goes on ..
So many tourists around the world are coming to kerala every year..
You will have every types of tourist destinations here …
Make sure that you are coming in the right season…
There are good times to visit here. …just google it..
Its not expensive…

Vince sykes says:

good work man. thumbs up…

SP Glam says:

AaaaahhhhMaziiing!!! Now I need to visit all..and NYC again!

Rochak Jain says:

WOW! fucking wow man!

Mai Live says:

If you love traveling, snorkeling and amazing people you really have to visit FIJI! ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฏ

vicky raZz says:

Visit india

Sophie Wong says:

Love this video!! I just started making travel videos too and it would be great if you could check out my channel ๐Ÿ™‚

Zoe D-F says:

Itโ€™s great since I live in Malaysia so I get amazing opportunities to travel Asia and its islands and beaches that most of my friends back in the uk canโ€™t.

Zoe D-F says:

I truly love phuket

Zoe D-F says:

Have you been to REDANG? The scuba diving is amazing and the wildlife is amazing and the coral is practically untouched.

sarah flicker says:

Hi Erik, think about visiting Seychelles, iยดve been there for a month in February and it was just beautiful. There's mountains, jungles and the dreamiest beaches with hidden natural pools and the locals are so lovely!

Miguel Casas says:

Japan is amazing

The Penniless Traveler says:

The video is outstanding! Awesome landscapes! I will be in one of every destination shown in the video. Actually, I've just found a very nice strategy to pay much less on my fly tickets. You can do it too: https://thepennilesstraveler.weebly.com/

Channie and Dani says:

Beautiful video :)!!!! Keep up the great work!

Schaunda Hall says:

Great video . I was most impressed with the footage taken underwater . Your images are smooth and well organized ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ.

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