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Top 5 Cheapest Holiday Destinations!

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Planning a holiday but don’t have the moolah to party in Paris and get wasted in Venice? Fear not, the top5 roundup channel brings you the top 5 cheapest holiday destinations that won’t put too great a strain on your bank balance.

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Captain Heinie says:

No such a place as cheap any more. Every where is expensive.

Nebojsha Jeftimoski says:

cheapest destination ? hahaha ….

Annmarie Forrest says:

I went to Orlando last year and I found it very expensive.

Aphrodite Appollonia says:

now way in hell id consider n e of these a place to go , u have no clue what u r talking about fuck off dick

Cheryl Teo says:

?going to Japan is expensive … Well now I cant go there

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