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TOP 3 TRAVEL TIPS: Cheap international flights, great hotels, ft. Scott’s Cheap Flights! | LvL

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Today’s video is a little bit different, but I wanted to share some of my favorite tools and services for cheap travel (airfare, hotels)! Scott’s Cheap Flights is one of my latest faves. It’s so simple yet ingenious! I definitely recommend signing up for their free or premium service: https://scottscheapflights.com?id=324 (OPEN FOR MORE!):



💘Instagram/Twitter: logicvsluxury



✈️ Scott’s Cheap Flights: https://scottscheapflights.com?id=324
(daily email alerts for the best international flights at huge discounts! Only downside: no business/first class tix!)

✈️ Tripadvisor: http://tripadvisor.com for alllll my hotel reviews. Their attractions listings are also helpful if you’re not in the mood to do much research. I rely on the “Traveler Rankings” when comparing hotels and have yet to be disappointed!

✈️ Hotwire & Priceline: http://hotwire.com & http://priceline.com I love the hidden hotel option or if you’re really ballsy, go for name your own price on Priceline. I have gotten countless amazing hotels for incredible prices using these services.

✈️ BetterBidding: http://betterbidding.com If you’re worried about not knowing the name of the hotel, use betterbidding to help figure out what you’re buying before you hit purchase!



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Intro/Outro Music: “Fingertips” by Poe

This video was not sponsored. Everything I mention I use or have purchased for myself and simply love and want to share! Some links are affiliate links. If you use these links, there is no extra charge for you, and I receive a small commission for referring you. If you don’t feel comfortable, no worries! Thank you for the support!


Diana Noemi says:

This would be great! Do you ever see any deals for România?

Avelino Leal says:

What a great video! Thank you so much for sharing! I loved it!

aokiQ says:

great video! thank you so much~~

Trisha Adeba says:

love your videos joanna <3

lipstickjunkieforever says:

I love Scott's Cheap Flights, too! I have a trip to Japan I'm planning for sometime next year and I have been biding my time. Plus, I am thinking of a smaller trip between now and then and the daily emails help with that too! I also signed up for the annual service. These were good tips! Thank you!

Sierra Elizabeth says:

Wow, I've never heard of that flight email, thanks so much for the tip!

Maureen Bouey says:

Great tips, especially Scott's – many thanks 🙂

Paulina Łachniak says:

Great video 🙂 do you know skyscanner.com? I prefer this over google flight search

Treasureit Always says:

Great Information….THANKS!

Claire Kennedy says:

Thank you, this video was very helpful!

Penelope Emmanuel says:

Very informative as always. Saving it for future reference 😊.

tk2 Ktt says:

great video, Joanna would you consider doing a video on organisation tips, such as what planner you use, and how you stay on top of things for your life plan (would be really helpful) x

jetski Dex says:

Love your logic

Dita Marta says:

Yassss gurl come to Latvia !! 😀

jcjccmz says:

Thanks for sharing. I'm bummed that I'm just pathetically way too high maintenance to take advantage of lower prices because I have to get exactly what I want. Lol, like I cannot take anything but a direct flight that leaves or lands outside rush hour times in both cities, and no early morning, and I have to be able to pick my seats, and if there is no aisle seat before row 14, l just leave another day on another flight, haha! And don't even get me started on hotels amd hotel rooms… ;-p

cap4life1 says:

This is fantastic. Thank you!!

Divine Grace Rafanan says:

Hooked since you mentioned this doesn't require ten million cards.

Robyn Woodbury says:

So helpful! thank you.

Y2M2DZ97 says:

Thank you for the tips! Your channel is a favourite of mine because of the plethora of knowledge you share ❤️❤️

xoxobianca192 says:

Thank you so much for this video! It was so helpful; I've been on the hunt for good deals on international flights (:

Vickie Jones says:

just subscribed to scott's cheap flights!

Hello Harley says:

Love this! I will keep this video in mind because I want to travel international next year.

Trace Trace says:

Hi Joanna do you mean Scoot airline?

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