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These are my top ten tips to budget for your vacation or holiday adventure, backpacking or otherwise. Including easy things like a daily travel budget, to finding the cheapest accommodation and travel, using price comparison websites, budgeting apps, and generally being a thrifty person.

There’s also a difference between a travel budget and budget travel. Saving money on one thing costs money in other ways and end up being a massive rip off – shop around! There’s places you can work abroad – cheap destinations like in Europe especially if you’re doing Europe on a budget.

This video’s not meant to be a definitive guide to budgeting or a trip budget planner, it’s just my advice following my solo backpacking adventure.

If you’re on vacation or backpacking around the world, let me know, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a pic or message. For more general tips on backpacking and travelling, check out my top tips: https://youtu.be/dyujisFqG7M

SAVING UP TO GO TRAVELLING: https://youtu.be/UPcY452Fq48
TOP TIPS BACKPACKING SOLO: https://youtu.be/BwKR95ajkA8
HOW TO PICK A GOOD HOSTEL: https://youtu.be/xJoJvluan0c

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Future Under Improvisation says:

Thank you again for all the tips and tips videos 😉

Monica Schwartz says:

you look way cuter without your hair pulled back

Imogen Howard says:

Hi! Hoping to take a gap year, but I was wondering if you traveled alone or with friends? Thanks x

rinske l says:

How much money did you take?

Katy O'Brien says:

I am going to Oz in December – I am wondering what you rweckon about booking hostels.

I don't want to pre book them all as I don't want to tie myself to a certin place etc. but I am worried I'll get there and there will be nowhere to stay!
What's your opinion?

Thanks!! xxxx

Nathalia Melo Hernández says:

Seems like i was in that room, or a really similar one, like 4 months before you did…weeeeeiird!!
Nice channel 🙂

Pops Last Fiasco Run says:

Great video 🙂 I am so bad at budgeting while I am travelling!

winonaclift says:

Hey! Which hostel are you working in, is it relatively cheap? Going to travel around Oz next year beginning the end of June! 😌 thank you x

Ji Hu says:

Thank you. Your video do solve many of my question. Wish me luck for my trip next month.

Bas Wouters says:

Amazing what you do! In from Holland and I'm 14 years old. I'm dreaming about backpacking all over the world. But I can't wait, is there something I can do already? Do you have a tip to do something that I can do now?

Lizzie McMaster says:

was this filmed at X Base Sydney? I'm currently in Aus on a whv and vlogging everything! these tips definitely came in handy! i hope you're enjoying your Aus adventure. Im back in Sydney next week.

synne eriksen østerås says:

congrats on 9k followers! 🙂 Are you planning on doing any more videos about Southeast Asia?

MrLoveUmum says:

would you travel freely with me without caring about your budget ? i'm joking ,,, no no i am serious XD

mary rose says:

I know this is a bit of a silly question but when I get to Sydney I'm also hoping to get work in one of the hostels. How did you go about getting it? Did you ask them face to face if any jobs were going or?
Thank you for your videos by the way, they are so helpful & informative!!x

Mochileros says:

Nice to find your channel +Backpacking Bananas
Here a new fellow vlogger subscribing. 😉

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