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Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations of 2017 | hoppa

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Our annual report into the worlds cheapest and most expensive destinations around the world has helped us discover the top 10 cheapest destinations on the planet to holiday.

To find out where your favourite destination placed, and to view the whole breakdown, visit our blog and view the infographic at:

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Tibriz says:

Thanks hoppa for this. Antalya is #5 Cheapest city in the world, but it is the most beautiful!

Shaun Sutton says:

I love how you always include the price of alcohol, as if it's a crucial part of why people go on holiday

bijaya bhatta says:

nepal is the most beautiful.come visit us.u r always welcome

Vick Ross says:

Please, check your mistake in the final slide – Top 10 / 1. Is Sofia, Bulgaria, not Sofia, Bucharest 😉

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