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Top 10 best value destinations to visit in 2019 – Lonely Planet's Best in Travel

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After a wallet-friendly trip? Lonely Planet’s experts have selected up the best value destinations to visit in 2019, from barefoot tropical islands to tantalisingly inexpensive cities.

Find the full list of Best in Travel 2019 destinations at https://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel


you reading my name says:

Lol you say Banaue rice terraces is build by Chinese,are you kidding me how stupid is your brain


Swat, Pakistan.

Haotian Ma says:

Houston is a stupid option

fred says:

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Konstantinos Giapitzakis says:

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Aiwa Luxury Trips says:

Nice. Have a check on https://youtu.be/cEIRgmjj6us

DaPan Of Derpiness says:

Europe is so similar all over yet so different. It’s the most beautiful place on the world with it’s forests and cities and mountains and plains. I would not trade my life in Europe for anything.

Hassam Minini says:

Łódź?, sure?

HooshInfo says:


Thanks for your interesting video! It was a useful one. By the way, Learn the TOP 50 Holiday Destinations In The Globe!

Adela Ndreko says:

Wow Albania 🇦🇱🇦🇱

dutchfutsal competition stanga says:

Yooo you all should visit Suriname. ( south america ).

Gypsy Boy says:

One of the most underrated place in Bangladesh https://www.facebook.com/m.alifmehedi/videos/2083425735263237/

Asha vilashi says:

Beautiful Sri Lanka

Farah Kashif says:


Farah Kashif says:

I want to go visit Pakistan. I've heard a lot about Hunza Valley and the northern areas, Himalayas etc. And after watching Eva zu Beck and Mark Wiens I'm dying to go there 😭😭😘

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