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Top 10 Best CHEAP Las Vegas Hotels!!

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Vegas is AWESOME-the Disney World for adults where you can indulge and have a wonderful time at a wonderful hotel for a VERY affordable price without compromising on quality. So stay tuned as I count down The TOP 10 CHEAPEST Vegas Hotels!!


shadowofdancingleaf says:

Wow, I'm amazed how inexpensive these hotels are! I guess the casino hotels are banking on making up the cost through the casino, but if you're not a gambler (and a cheapskate like me) this is a total steal! Thanks sharing.

Alpha Girl says:

Really good video! Nice to know there's a lot of quality choices in Vegas if you don't have unlimited funds!!!

moon riser19 says:

Thanks. Haven't been to Vegas in years☺

Software And Hardware.com says:

Nice. Everything on Red!

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