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Tips for Traveling on a Budget!! | Cheap flights + Accommodations | JLINHH

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Hope these tips are helpful! Let me know in the comments if you want to see a “What’s in my camera backpack for traveling” or more travel tips for road-trips / domestic trips!

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JLINHH says:

Hope you guys like this video and find it helpful! Let me know if you want more in-depth videos on packing for different trips, travel essentials, or tips on road-trip / domestic travels!

Linda Praseudsuk says:

You are living my dream. You don't have to answer but what do you do for work that allows you to travel so freely? My work is pretty much the only reason why I can't just pick up and leave.

Dennis Stoner says:

Use Password: legend

Joyce L says:

Thank You! I’ve been wanting to travel out of the country but never thought it would be possible for me. (broke college student) But I’ve been saving up money & really want to go to NY, Japan, & Korea!

Diana Lorenzo says:

Favvvvv Youtuber hands down !! I love your makeup vids b u t your travel diary series are by far my favorite <333

Crystal Yang says:

What sites/apps do you recommend for finding homestays?

Menashootz says:

Droppin knowledge! Asia is my fav!

Susy Valencia says:

I've done hostels in NYC. Well, private room, but they were hostels nonetheless.

XURX says:

This was really helpful. I’m going to South Korea next year and budgeting has been a nightmare. I didn’t know there were so many cheap options! 💛

Elissa Cardenas says:

I love your edits !!!
do a tutorial on how you edit the transitions !!

keep up the good work babe !! happy travels

pumpkin & peach says:

Hiiii I live in Thailand. I traveling a lot both domestic and international. Here are my tips for cheap flight and hotel:

I often book the flights from Traveloka, but most routes are in Asia and it’s cheap if you book from here! If you come to asia, another good website for hotel is Agoda. I usually use Trivago to compare the room price from the same hotel. The airbnb is good too especially in Japan.

When will you coming back to Thailand? I’m looking forward to welcome you! I love your instagram feed so much!!

Vera Hagopian says:

Question: if I’m traveling with my boyfriend and I put two guests on the search for a hostel, do I need to choose two beds when it asks me or can I select one bed if we are going to sleep in one in a mixed room?

Pauline Paulin says:

This is such an amazing video. Really great help. Thank you so much for sharing your tips ❤

Thu Tran says:

My boyfriend and I want to go backpacking, but I'm very cautious about risks and such. How do you do it? Love your videos!❤️

Darcy says:

Omg loving the quality of this vid

Danielle Domingo says:

Thanks for the advice. I always thought of hostile to be scary but now that you mention it, sounds promising. ☺️

Rachel Orton says:

It would be great to see what you pack if you don’t check your bags. I struggle with that! I also heard that flight prices go up the more you check. Something about the web saving your searches idk. Do you know if that’s true?

Henrieta Duncan says:

Love how you edit your videos and omg I can’t wait for your next Asian tour! Hoping we could meet up 🙌🏻

Yari Ayon says:

Thank you this video helped so much! I really want to go to all the countries you’ve gone but I was kinda scared, seeing how easy it can be took that fear away! Thanks again love your videos 💖

CocoChickyy says:

Loveeee the song and everything. What's the name of the song?

Summer Carter-Barnes says:

This video was amazing. And I've sent it to a few friends! You did an amazing job, and I learned a lot. Love your channel❤❤

Ashley N says:

I love the new intro! Esp more so because it’s from your travels! Been a fan for a long time and like this new outlook on youtube 💕

Punya says:

Very helpful.. tips on packing would be great 🙂

Samski says:

Thanks for sharing! You're so talented. I really like to travel as well:)I just revealed my first ever movie – My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would enjoy your suggestions on my video/editing so that I am able to get better like you!

Madison Davide says:

this was super helpful and informative!! I’m going out of the country for the first time in a few months and this totally helps me in planning the cheapest trip! amazing job as usual 😎

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