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TIPS FOR BOOKING YOUR WINTER GETAWAY | Get the best travel deals online | Love, Alexa

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Are you feeling sad and dreary about the winter weather? Case of the winter blues? Then it may be time for you to book something. I’ve booked dozens of trips online myself, and I always get the best deals and have an incredible time because I impliment a few key pieces of travel advice.

1. Book with your favorite travel agent, and combine flights and hotels for a better price. Remain flexible on the particular days to ensure you can opt for cheaper flights. I recommend booking with www.expedia.ca.

2. Make a comprehensive packing list. I love the list included in my new 2017 Design Love planner by www.stilclassics.com

3. Go bikini shopping and start packing sooner than later! I purchase my favorite bikinis at www.bikinivillage.com

Book with www.expedia.ca
Organize with www.stilclassics.com
Shop at www.bikinivillage.com


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