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Tiny RV Travel Trailer Upgrades | Family travel – Djursland Train Museum

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In this episode we are exploring the railway museum on Djursland. Max and my dad are very excited about all the old steam trains there. We also walk you through all the upgrades we have made to the camper and how it has improved. All of which Morten and I are very happy about. Last by not least we simply enjoy the beautiful nature, and take advantage of the fact that we stayed right next to the ocean and can go for a swim whenever we want 🙂

More info:

Djurslands Rail Museum – Jernbane Museum , djbm.dk | Open June-Aug, Entrance 40kr/ 5€/ 6$

Ebeltoft Strand Camping – Campground

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The Storm inside – Daniel Gunnarsson
Cold Summer – Daniel Gunnarsson
Don’t Walk Away – April Moon


Wandering Not Lost says:

Love this. Very functional and clean

TnAgo says:

Loved the white and blue pottery shard you found on the beach! I’ve been collecting beach pottery and seaglass for over a year now.

srip 63 says:

Trains, I like trains!

Brittany Von Rissen says:

Hi, great video! Can you tell me where the gray couch is from?

Yvonne 1820 says:

Love this xx

Pidasian Hippie says:

You have created a train buff in Max. I love all the small upgrades you have done on the camper. I have a small (17 ft/5.2 m) camper and am always looking for ideas to make it more functional. Thank you for the ideas.

Kathy Yiu says:

Hello I really enjoy the stays at Denmark! Just have visits at CPH, Odense and Aarhus. Thank you for the video I do love positive vibes!

The Helpful Assistant says:

I love the upgrades! I esp like the idea of making a fold-down bench and using the bed (eventually when Max moves into one) with a table. That is such a great use of space.

Petra Olsen says:

Your van is lovely your son adorable. But please make sure you secure the microwave when you have it on the floor since it could become a projectile in an accident. ❤️

Sarah Q. Malone says:

Max looks so strong & healthy & happy! Great to see some everyday life & arrangements & enjoying yourselves touring. Good improvements!

Joakim Hjelm-Svennesen says:

THX for the great tour of the travel trailer. And as always great video:-)

Joakim Hjelm-Svennesen says:

I totally get you when it comes to live in an old industrial building. I know it sounds trite, but I would love to live in a “New York city vibe” industrial or warehouse apartment with exposed framing and exposed brick walls where you could almost hear the history whisper from the walls. I picture the apartment being a two storey large, tall open space with kitchen and living area/room in one (maybe somehow incorporate barn doors you could slide open and close when cooking) and exposed stairs leading up to a first/second floor with a bedroom or two maybe three. And a mezzanine(or balcony) overlooking the living area/room between ground/first floor and first floor/second floor with a place to have an office or reading place with windows and door to a roof terrace overlooking the city. Bedrooms as well overlooking the living area and maybe with windows in order to reduce noise from the living area but the windows would still provide a sense or feeling of a large open space from the floor of the living area to the bedroom ceiling. That’s how I picture my dream apartment if I was ever so lucky to find an industrial or warehouse apartment in Copenhagen. Not that I would ever afford such apartment in Copenhagen, but I guess one can always dream. I used to have Märklin model trains as a kid back in the 80s. I had such fun with it and my dad and I went on a Berlin city vacation right after the wall came down and explored the east and west side and we also went shopping for model trains as such was cheaper in Germany than in Denmark

A Vegan Introvert - Nina Julie Sørensen says:

Yay loved the camper tour! 🙏

Sandy Michalski says:

Great little camper. Enjoying your adventures.

GBR says:

This camper is awesome. Glad your family gets to have this experience!

Salomé de Moura says:

Maybe instead of shelves for the clothing you could get some cubes like the muji ones that are used travel and carry clothes inside your bag by category but it works very well with saving space also inside small spaces!

fuzibunny 3 says:

I really enjoyed this video. I think that’s great grandpa could come along. Your wee one is adorable

H F says:

This was an extremely interesting
video Maria. Jutland seems great
– must surely travel there in the
future. Your camper is great –
what with an Iphone holder and
other things you are well organised. Must say Max is
growing up – loves swimming
in the big bath 😃😃😃 has also
a great interest in trains and
playing with stones. Love him.
Has he got a wooden train set
to play with. If not get him one.
Think IKEA has nice wooden ones
for a very reasonable price. Water,
sticks and stones, plus wooden toys are great for kids. Many
greetings from Switzerland.

Pixilate U says:

Good to see the camper again and the updates. Max has grown so much! What a cutie <3

Angela K says:

The RV looks great! It seems all kids love trains! 💜💜💜

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