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Tia Mowry’s Top 10 Family Holiday Traditions| Quick Fix

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Holiday season is about to kick into full gear. Make memories that will last a lifetime with my top 10 family holiday traditions!

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Family Holiday Traditions:

Thanksgiving Garland of Thanks – 0:24
Christmas Cards – 1:12
Christmas Tree Trimming – 1:30
Christmas Tree Goals – 2:31
12 Days of Reading – 3:31
Encourage Giving – 4:02 (6)
Scrapbook – 4:25
Reindeer Food – 5:22
Clean-Out Day – 5:45
Cookie Exchange – 6:08

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Andrea Obeng-Appiah says:

Thanks for sharing Tia. Love the Christmas dinner table deco! Congrats on bundle of joy on the way. It really "ti's the season to be jolly" as I know so many people who are pregnant right now. Busy year I see for most of us (puff).

Karla Wells says:

Hey Tia try this you mentioned leaving your future goals as an ornament in the with your tree. Well we have what's called Jesus is stocking we have a little white stocking that we hang with the rest of our stockings and after Christmas you know what you're supposed to do is write down your goal or your plan or your possible resolution and put it in Jesus's stocking, and the next year at Christmas time when you open up all your gifts and empty out the stocking you didn't pass everyone around a slip of paper, and you read it and find out if everybody completed their goal or their the plan or there or whatever it was they wrote down and I need do it again for the next year so all the goals are dreams or plans that y'all had were completed and you repeat for the next year

Kattie Carmona says:

I’m going to try all of these!!

Venessa Talbert says:

Thank you so much for sharing this video. You had some awesome traditions and fun memories that my husbnad and I want ro incorporate in our holiday festivities. Congratulations on your new addition too! I'm so happy for you and your husband. You're an awesome wife and mom and youtuber! lol. Praying for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Elizabeth Bobb says:

Great ideas and thoughtful

Stephanie Williams says:

Im only on number 3 and i am so into this!!!! Love!

Tisha Taray says:

She sounded just like Tam here

Meaza Gebeyaw says:

u'r just so fun to watch!

Dee Car says:

Tia I love the wonderful ideas you give me. I will try some of them.

Tiffany Griar says:

Hello Tia you are amazing person very wonderful great tradition! Also congratulations on having a new baby My Family tradition for Christmas is that we listened to Christmas music while decorating the Christmas tree.

Jamaica McDonald says:

Do u think I am so happy to hear 4dad

O'Ray By The Way says:

you should do d.i.y. like make cute decorative treats.. and cute ways and decorations to wrap them up. how to decorate the table and house pretty for the holidays things like that….please but love the video

Lizzie 2128 says:

I bet you are so fun to be with. I would be laughing all the time. I like watching your videos cause you are very pleasant to watch.

Erika Sataraka says:


Michelle's Passion Natural Health Tips says:

I love this channel awesome mix. Great ideas, thanks 🙂

Debbie Aguirre says:

We go to a movie, eat some more, visit relatives, eat some more, play games and guess what else? Yep, eat some more 😝

LRissa19 says:

I love the quote jar and cookie exchange ones!

Chaola Henderson says:

These were such great ideas! I especially loved the sticky note/jar idea. I have 6 children so the conversations that occur are hilarious! I wish I came up with that idea years ago.

sexyellex says:

I love your laugh!!!!! So infectious!!!!

Shirley Madison says:

Doing a great job with the traditions tia good for the hoilday. wish u all the best with ur new baby.

Kendra Armstrong says:

Great Ideas!! Tia I Love You!

Ashley Reyes says:

GENIUS IDEAS!!! I can’t wait to try some of these with my son as he gets older. Just discovered your channel and I LOVE IT! Be encouraged and keep up the good work😊

Hina Farooq says:

Girl I didn’t even know you had a YouTube channel. I love you guys. Sister Sister was my show ❤️

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