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Things To Do In Cebu Philippines | Family Travel Vlog (2019)

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Things To Do in Cebu Philippines- we are always looking for cool things to do when traveling. Cebu has so many amazing opportunities for adventure and fun and we were on the prowl!
The sardine run was a MUST and one of the first things we set out to do in Moalboal!
These types of adventures are super fun because you literally just walk out into the water from the shore and there they are-MILIIONS of sardines!!! We wanted to live like a local so we rented a house in a local neighborhood and became friends with everyone, so cool! Nixon was celebrating her birthday so we had a little party with the kids in the area. Party favors were on hand and all of the Philippines could hear them lol
One of our new friends recommended White Beach since it wasn’t a touristy area so we checked that out and had some homemade ice cream on the beach.
Of course Mcdonalds had to play a part in this video- didn’t think it would include dancing tho…
McDonalds seriously rocks out for kids birthday parties!
Here are just a few things to do in Cebu, we have other videos where we snorkeled with Whale Sharks in Oslob and visited Kawasan Falls. Both were AMAZING!!!

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johnFox Lion says:

Wow..amazing family.. Nice to see you vlog. Cebu

arki alindajao says:

Amazing. Hope to see you here in Cebu.. Love you guys

Domingo Dreu Jr says:

love your family always. welcome to Philippines .

msenor81 says:

Love watching the whole family doing fun things and meeting the locals in my island 😍

Lydia Mueller says:

Woww!! So amazing family. God blessed your family..

melanie ghan says:

Did you guys rent a car?

Gracey's World says:

Our second home.. Glad that you love your stay at Cebu… ❤️

Ofw Ako says:

That voice over is really funny😂😂😂😂

John Reubal Pepito says:

I couldn't help but admire, what an adorable family.

Wilsey Adam says:


King Thranduil says:

Sales ladies..theyre there of course to assist you.

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