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The ULTIMATE carry on guide for flights ✈️ | Tips from a travel PRO

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Hi Friends! Today’s video I am sharing my ULTIMATE carry on guide for flights. I am a seasoned veteran of long haul flights, and I’ve developed a great system to keep me comfortable as possible.

** I did forget to mention I also pack sunglasses in a hard case and occasionally a neck pillow – I feel like those items are really up to you though- some people think it’s important and some wouldn’t bother 😛

Hope you find this video helpful- lots of love!

P.S I’m currently in Singapore! Come follow my adventures on my Vlog channel 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmpAWrzFjHo


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米本政義 says:

those tips worked great!??? thanks!!

Christina Pham says:

<3 Thank you for going straight to the point!!

Ju Lee says:

re passport… why not just email to yourself?

goodfilmful says:

wow. travelling light….

Katie Else says:

Nose spray!! I'm a singer and I swear by this for keeping my voice healthy on flights. And my nose feels really dry on flights too.

Surprisingly, this is one of the few videos that actually puts the liquids in the clear bag. It's so annoying when people don't do that because of you don't you risk having to pitch stuff.

Thanks for the video!

Klaudia Bartnicki says:

I have watched about 20 videos and none of them helped me until I ran across this video

Klaudia Bartnicki says:

I have watched about 20 videos and none of them helped me until I ran across this video

Fenny Tran says:

I've watched so many ´ in Flight essentials ‘ videos and this video was very informative and helpful. Thanks ?

pAtiS eNriQuez says:

Tutorial on your look? Maybe? Ty

pAtiS eNriQuez says:

Hi i love your look here .. simple yet elegant.. whats ur eyeshadow?

Lou says:

i'm flying tomorrow and this video is very helpful, thank you !

jass o says:

For taking makeup does it have to be a certain amount, like I heard you can only take things that are 1 oz

Isabella Henry says:

Leaving tomorrow morning… eeeeeeekkkkk??

Louisa Dennison says:

I'm going on holiday this Friday and this has helped me so much thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Shayna Murdock says:

mingling with itself :D:D

Hei-Lee Ingrande says:

Where did you buy the mini coloring book? So cute

candy girl12 says:

whaat about first time in a plane

Issa O'Sullivan says:

Drinking game: Take a shot every time she says "You never know…"

Sophia Babinsky says:

1000 comment!

Sophia Babinsky says:

I'm going to Florida in the mid of jan and I'm in NY any recomendations on what to wear from a cold place to a warm place???

Joy Chen says:

Loved this video! So informative and real!
Also, am I the only one who thought she looked like Demi Lovato? ?

Alexandria Cillo says:

Love you but don't curse I 11 and my mom doesn't like me hearing that

Natalie Diehl says:

I'm flying for the first time ever, and I'm gonna be alone. I'm so scared, but this video helped me so much with ideas for a carry on.Thanks!

Hannah Estelle says:

Your missing a nail file and a comb or brush ☺

Yoon K. Lee says:

The best packing tip video so far.

Fox Newey says:

I spy the H?L? at 9:14

sarah sandhu says:

you are the best. thanks for not being pc

Polished Peeh says:

Hi! Can you take a carry on and a purse? Or would the carry on be like your purse or the only thing you can bring?

I'm planning on taking a big regular luggage(that would go under the flight), a carry on luggage, and a small tote or backpack as a "purse" on the flight with me! Is that acceptable? 🙂

Thankyou! It'll be my first time traveling and on a long long travel flight! Let me know!:) thanks again xoxo

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