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Should you book a hotel directly or through a hotel comparison site? Are hotel comparison sites actually cheaper than going direct? Today we investigate how much money you could be saving if you went straight to the hotel!

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Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by the Intercontinental Hotels Group. All opinions and views remain honest and my own.

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lochNesssie says:

I always check the price at booking and also at the hotels page and I have never found a room more expensive on booking… this is so strange 😀 but I travel only around Europe, maybe it is different here? Even when I went to smaller apartments or hotels, they gave me a discount and tell me to book next time directly, but even with the discount it was always more expensive.

Coaster World says:

you can also save money by booking train tickets through Redspottedhankey.com aswell instead of buying from train stations.

DIRTY451 says:

booking.com is crap try alpharooms

Bits Of Ben says:

This is so funny. I booked a travelodge in London for 4 nights this coming August. Trivago said the price was £179 for the entire stay whereas I looked at the site direct and it was £149. Sometimes it is best going direct!

Matteo Segala says:

Hello. I own a hotel. To be more precise you cannot consider booking.com a comparison website. It is a unique platform. A comparison website is trivago or kayak. Most of the time, especially for small hotels, booking direct is cheaper because we don’t pay the 15-20% commission. If you don’t find a better deal on the direct website, call the hotel and ask, very likely they will make a better offer.
Even comparison website like kayak and trivago are not transparent: you get usually only the results of Expedia and booking.com. If the hotel doesn’t pay for an ad campaign or doesn’t have a platform to communicate the availability and the prices from its own private engine to the trivago website, you will not find the direct prices among trivago results. We have to pay for every click on our direct website link. Things are changing fast…

Sikder Diamond says:

Watching u after few months

E A says:

We need that as a sound clip. Inspector psycho here

Victoria Morgan says:

I'm ashamed to know that I've been being scammed by comparison sites. Thank you for this.

Teodor M says:

My very first website is now live!
Can you please let me know how it looks ?
I am still working to ad products and articles and edit different things around .
Thank you very much

Manal Jdidi says:

How about bookvip.com any body try it

The Leasphere says:

Im so glad you did this video! I myself have been working in hotels as a receptionist and so many times people were sure to have a cheaper deal than the price the hotel make directly! It is crazy, if only they knew!


Just watched 4 mins. of video. Started wondering if a hotel chain would give world/nomad travellers a discount if they more or less exclusively used that hotel chain. That's something you might want to check into if you haven't already.

Stephanie Daigle says:

Working front desk at a hotel, I can tell you that you really should book direct. If something happens and you want a refund or anything, it's easier to deal with the hotel than trying to fight the third party booking site. You don't pay the hotel, you pay the third party company. They don't care about your stay. The hotel does, and will make it right, if you booked with them.

Rocky Poopernickle Adventure Times says:

I tend to use comparison sites when purchasing cotton swabs.

g hasynchroduck says:

Personally I have found Expedia to either be the same price or less expensive than booking directly. Plus their customer service has helped me out in tough situations (such as the hotel NOT being anything like they presented themselves to be). Plus their loyalty program has allowed me to stay in hotels for $5.00 a night! The reality is because of cookies and internet tracking my results may not match yours. Right or wrong Booking.com has pegged you as a customer who doesn't care as much about getting the best deal and as someone who doesn't comparison shop… so you get charged more.

Phiela Rapheigh says:

Regardless hotel or flight I will always go to the comparison site and cross check with direct price before make my purchase.

Steve Prince says:

So fat now.

Ztez Maxim says:

Who here breathed a sigh of relief Aly wasnt talking about skyscanner?

Hand raised

Ztez Maxim says:

IHG is headquartered in atlanta ga. I think. I pass by their skyscraper with their name on the top twice a month

Kleber Medeiros says:

Hello everyone, I`m from Brazil and I`m planning to travel the world next year, but till then I`ll need to improve my speaking skills… Is there any English native speaker that could help me up? Tks in advance!!!

Emy Reads says:

I just got to watch the video about booking through third parties.
I want to add something to add as someone who works at a front desk of a hotel chain; this video is truly is SO important to avoid being scammed! Not only it is MORE expensive though third parties but more often than not, they will book and guarantee rooms to customers the hotel does not even have…
For example:
-Room with a balcony when the hotel doesn't have any;
-Room for 5 aka 2-3 beds when the third party actually booked a room with one queen (& yes sometimes the hotel is full and it is impossible to fill the request upon arrival);
-Room with a certain view when said view does not exist or is never guaranteed;
-Parking/breakfast included when in fact it isn't;
-2 rooms side by side but third party booked rooms under 2 different names and never asked for said rooms to be close (how is the hotel supposed to guess?)

Of course, it is part of the job to fulfilled the customers' requests and I happily do so when I can (complementary breakfast for example) but when the hotel is full and I do not have the room the third party promised, I can't really do anything unfortunately.

Anyways, I don't think third parties are all bad, but I have seen so many customers be disappointed over the years because third parties promised things they can't guarantee that I can't help but STRONGLY advice not to use them, ever

Anna Rehbinder says:

Tip always use an anonomous tab When you shop because next time you go in they in many cases Will have upped their prices based on the fact that you’ve been in before ( comes from inside the travel industry ) goes for all sorts of booking sites and for the travel itself ( Ps dyslexic never could spell that)

Compass North says:

A good point also…..when you search for vacation packages etc….using Xpedia or Travelocity or any site like that….after your search and checking out resorts make sure you delete all browsing history and cookies. The sites will know you have been there when and if you return to continue searching and the prices will increase and limited booking times will increase etc…..and if you didn't know better you will feel like you had better book now because the resort only has X number of rooms available !!!
Once I was on the computer at a resort booking through a online thing like xpedia or travelocity and my wife was on the same site on her iPad and we had different prices…..EXTREMELY different prices for the same booking ! Obviously we booked on her iPad. Cookies are sometimes not good for you.

AllyCreative says:

We booked a hotel in Edinburgh through expedia for £50 a night for 2 people and if we went direct with the hotel it would have been £120 a night. We saved a lot of money and as poor students we really appreciated it. Our train back to London was delayed, so we got compensation and were able to travel to 2 more towns 🙂

Sizzlemann says:

I actually have the IHG credit card that I can book an IHG hotel room with. I get 6x the points for using the card (costs of the room) plus the points for staying at the IHG property as an IHG member. Win, win. I now have enough points for about 7 free nights of hotel stay (depending on area). Plus you get room upgrades when available. If you travel a lot, you need to look into travel hacking.

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