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The Truth About Full-Time Family Travel!

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Today on The Mom’s View we have an incredible mom to feature! Her name is Ayo and she’s a wife and traveling mom with two beautiful children. You can follow her journey on her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtxaASbNYFdZCeC9R8AN8QA. Find out her story on becoming a full-time traveling family and what it’s like to travel with kids!

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DarthGabby714 says:

Can you please do a video on heartbreak. Not your first heartbreak, but getting through the next one when you thought it was the one. I need it.

Ragged Shoes says:

I really like the idea of traveling through the countries of your heritage. Our family is also multicultural and just starting out full time traveling, currently in Thailand, and will be hitting a lot of the places you mentioned. We'll subscribe, looking forward to seeing your adventures.

Cathal Reilly says:


Carmen D says:

How do you afford all this travel? Do you guy work remote?

Jaclyn Ntow says:

“At our roots, all of us are just humans.” 💕

Cynthia King says:

Can’t wait to follow! 🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽

AnnaM157 says:

This experience will enrich your family so much! It has been fun following your journey so far

Mackenzie Gamble says:

Wow! This made me seriously tear up! I can’t wait to check out her channel and follow their life!

PJs and Lipstick says:

The truth about it is, you guys are all cooler than us, and we get it already!

Mbeepy says:

Cool! Her kids are going to be so intelligent and well rounded from seeing so many different cultures

poptartsag says:


The Mom's View says:

Show Ayo some love and make sure to subscribe to her channel! ❤️❤️

Miss Angela says:

Thanks for sharing!

Miss Angela says:

Thanks for sharing!

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