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The Simpsons • The Bart Family Travel the Universe [Black Bart]

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The Simpsons – #BlackBart This Is My Channel !!! Black Bart

—–Thanks For Watching—–


Black Bart says:

New Channel Bart Lucky: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoGXywktCWhzxQt9yOHanL4AArUd98Tni
Help me get 10,000. I will upload The Simpsons Season 29 on Oct 01, 2017
Thanks For Watching !!!

The Maximus Factor says:

Homer Simpson's is your channel! Why did you steal your video

Manisha Wal says:

Marge: E G G S F O R B A R R R R R R R T
Homer: i go steal eggs for BART!

Annemarie 3Mcivor says:

I love you bart

Flamethrower 1028 says:

Rod and tod are soppost to be nice but they don't even say thank you or pls

Ross Hill says:

Why bother posting these episodes with parts missing?


Make your own show on YouTube

Seth Clarke says:

it keep skiping bits

emmanuel John says:

This is more of Smithers and Burns than Bart family.

FlameBlueGamer /Flame says:

Bro earn your subsribers don't just ask for subs you now that's all you want subsribers

Elodia Viezcas says:

on 6:43 it says we 12 3

Picklerz zebra says:

Why are there so many lazy ass simpsons channels are there?

Blake Sands says:

0:43 so true

L.J Micheal says:

Mr. Black Bart,
As a big Simpsons fan, I would (and most of the people, as judging from the comments,) suggest you back to your old style and as it was more beneficial for the viewer. Take an episode, split it into two videos, edit some, etc.

GamingWithTemmie says:

stop cutting i like to watch the full episode and my sister hogs the tv so i cant watch the dvd

Kai Farrey says:

whos the real main character maybe the one with the most videos base on them?

WHO[ ]KinG says:

cuts bro way too much

Kai Farrey says:

the league of legends advertisement got me

Spitfirepilot19 says:

Why did you cut scenes out of it?

Uilliam Coorinna says:

Why the hell would I sub if you cut the everloving crap out of the clips?

You're gonna show the clips then go hard or go home.

Zeus King says:

The Bart family XD

Avery Coates says:

The BART Family?

marios aggourakis says:

no you will be still 8 years old Lisa

Tehmeed Shah says:

Hoo are you hartseeker

Help me get 100K Subs with No Content says:

Bruh stop cutting these clips

TheDjKing360 Playz says:

I guess we got change the name of the show to "The Bart Family"

YoungD3mon314 says:

when a channel that's copying you, a channel that's already using someone elses material, does better than you….

Romanke says:

i guess lisa isnt a vegan…? doesnt make much sense.

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