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The Cheapest Flight in The World

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This is my trip to Arequipa, on a flight I bought for $38.

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Luke Korns says:

I'm getting a ton comments saying that there are flight routes far cheaper than this one! Being from the States and never paying less than a fortune for flights, I had no idea! I would love to make a video exploring the cheapest flights in the world, please comment below some of the cheapest flights you know! This will definetely be a future video.

Rafael Ortiz-Rivera says:

As a Latin American myself I must know, is your heritage Peruvian, or did you move there later in your life?

StickManGamer says:


Matthew Mossa says:

Where is this? Peru or what?

Ethan Bird says:

The video is 7:11

delaney marshall says:

what language were you speaking at the start just curious

Erika Feria says:

i couldve bought 6 flights on my birthday!

heyxter says:

Very great video.

Mcgamer 2638 says:

On the thumbnail he looks like Jonah from why don't we with different hair.

Gamer Designer says:

6:43 eat eat😂😂😂 lol

Jessica Colon says:

finally a youtuber that speaks spanish

Azlon says:

All Mexicans of any type want you to eat and will invite you if you hang out for a bit with them

The Fitness Gram Pacer Test says:

I saw a ticket from Singapore to Indonesia for $22

Crazed Cubing says:

Just watched a couple of your videos and I’ve been really enjoying them! Can’t help subscribing

Crazed Cubing says:

How long was the flight though?

Jesús Celi says:

Have you think to go to Ecuador?

2222ben1 says:

I got a ticket from geneva to london heathrow for £39

Solruc [CarlosColombia10] says:

Viva has been in Colombia for quite a while, I don't love them, but sometimes it's really worth the discount.

Lena Le says:

You look like yurio from yuri on ice

christine szrom says:

At 2:15 he stole Casey saying

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