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Lexi Pence, wife of Hunter Pence – MLB Outfielder, travels a lot! Here are all her favorite travel tips from always being on the go.

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QOTD: Do you want more travel tips?

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Lexi Pence wants to share all the cool things she gets to do because of her husband’s, Hunter Pence, career in Major League Baseball. She releases behind-the-scenes footage, coffee reviews from around the country, funny sketches, and travel vlogs. Join Lexi for a peek into her life beyond the baseball world.
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Marta Baena says:

Great video, thank you very much! Get to know these hilarious mistakes that great travel bloggers have made and their travel tips https://wavefindyourfriendsblog.com/2018/12/13/epic-mistakes-travel-bloggers-travel-tips/ I am sure you have many to add too! It could be great to listen to them! Thank you and I apologize if this bothers you

Ellen Lawrence says:

Love the tips and completely agree about TSA precheck… but then if everyone gets it, the lines might get long again! Would love to see what you and others put in their carry-ons. If I dont bring an re-usable water bottle, I alway buy one at the terminal so I will have one when I get on the plane. Sometimes it can take a long time for drink service or turbulence cuts the service short. Gotta have that water.

Lynn Losande says:

I have had TSA/Global Entry for a few years now and depending on the time of day and airport location sometimes I get the metal screening but also I have to go into the full body screening. Love the video keep them coming, Yes, let’s see what you have in the carry on bag!

Carmen Kiew says:

Love this! I didn’t know about that app and I neeeed that pillow/blanket thing!

ko ko says:

How much does Precheck and Global cost?

Bolt SRNA says:

Toilet paper to make yourself warm, I laughed out loud. You right tho.

Ryan Chung says:

Hi Lexi Do you fly first class or business class when you travel?

YouGoProBaseball says:

Also, get the Southwest credit card. I earned a companion pass in my first year which means someone can fly with me free for a whole year! 😳

Sierra Jacobsen says:

Definitely would love more tips! I'll be a first-time flyer in November and have no idea what to expect. Also, if you have to pay for your flight, where should I start looking/when for the best deal?

Kelly D says:

Very helpful video, Lexi! You can tell that you travel a lot! You’re very organized! And bring all the necessities! Some of which I never would have thought of! And yes, would love more travel tips! Love the eye mask…great idea!!!

Thomas DeVine says:

Omg I am such a wuss when I fly. I white knuckle it the whole way. At least when my wife is there I can hold her hand! But so true, I always sit on the aisle because I feel claustrophobic sitting by the window or the middle seat! But as always such positivity and truth. These are all great tips!

Laura S says:

Love to hear more travel tips😀 Love to see what's in your travel along bag. Also any tips while traveling NOT or prevent from getting sick? Last flight I took a passenger across from me was coughing/blowing their nose for the whole 5 hr flight…. half way thru I wasn't feeling well and by the time i landed I had a cold…. and like u, when I get sick I get HIT hard…..spent a week recouping…. Thank god I was flying home.

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