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THE $50 A NIGHT 5-STAR (ALL-INCLUSIVE) RESORT in MEXICO ! HOW ? (Gringo in Puerto Vallarta Vlog)

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Adriana and I booked an incredible deal, a $50 a night (per person) room at the Now Amber All-Inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ! Enjoy a day in the life of our experience at this 5-star property, from the pool, to the food, and a lot more . Find out how we booked this insane rate, at the end of the vlog. Make sure to subscribe for more adventures in Mexico, from the Gringo perspective .

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Here Be Barr says:

Have you ever stayed at an all-inclusive resort? Did you like it or not?
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MEXICO TRAVEL SERIES PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb_xU7RWYGbZM3oaz8qrerhTjJRSQ1lUc

Joe Baller says:

Which Resort Did you stay at? $50 is a pretty good deal

Melissa Cowell says:

Thanks for the video and tip! After booking the two deals how do you combine them together to make a longer? Do you have to call the resort?

xhyper188x says:

Hi, really enjoyed your video! could you please explain a little bit better on how you booked? I didn't understand "combining the bookings" under 2 different sales? thanks!

summerhillbotanicals says:

Just came back and loved it! We stayed on the adult side. Great meals. Awesome staff! Jaime, Noe and Francisco were the best!!! We will be coming back to visit!

Elmatonn says:

For the Cyber Monday deal can you pickk your own dates or do they have a specific time you have to take the trip?

Louis Peterson says:

Some of the best deals going on right now
Just call 1 800 355 0886 provide pin# USS108841P all inclusive and save up to 50% on your trip among other benefits.

Tiffany Pham says:

It’s not 5 star at all, we have been there last February 2018, food was horrible, broken A C, took them 3 days to repair πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž sorry but the truth is the truth

John Spillyards says:

Totally agree about all inclusive being boring….plus missing adventuring around whatever town.I have done it several times ,when the price was crazy,and only had breakfast and drinks.The one exception was a fabulous place in Huatulco ,( ownership change since then)when the resort development was brand new.,and there was little else to do .But the hotel was run like a cruise ship,,with shows and other entertainment . The food was five star,truly.The biggest pool I have ever seen.Uniformed waiters waded out to you with your order.The view was breathtaking.My one all inclusive success.

yana ostrovska says:

Great video… check out our all-inclusive Vlog πŸ™‚ https://youtu.be/WqehqCePjZ8

papa savage says:

Lol my uncle owns the apartment

Rob M says:

Cartels are taking over the resorts, I'll never visit

queenjefe says:

I got it Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Thanks

queenjefe says:

I didn’t get it when is the date for 50% off and for 90% off.

TreeeSon says:

The 5 star resorts in PV are a damn steal. I usually stay at riu palace which is the nicest riu one they have. With as nice as it is its 150 a night and it's all inclusive.

Angel Herrera says:

wellcome to mexico ..all races are wellcome i pray 4 you and the beauty of mex in christ name amen

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