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THAILAND vacation! PART 1 (of 2) | Travel Vlog

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Sorry this is late, today is my birthday! So I have been having fun celebrating. In honor of my birthday, here is a vlog from our trip to Thailand a few weeks ago that we took with friends. It was THE BEST time! Part 2 will be coming in a few days, so hang tight for that! See my TRAVEL playlist for more vlogs and how we afford to travel like we do! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL23Z9xu_4WdjdXZ3NhODwZ5mRpJqWQxgr

Friends we went with:
April & Davey: https://www.youtube.com/user/AprilShowrz
8 Passengers: https://www.youtube.com/8passengers
Tannerites: https://www.youtube.com/tannerites
Our Startup Family: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeAXZbnI0kkAEKuNglDwzcg

The tour group we went with is https://www.gate1travel.com/

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Raquel at ur service says:

I love watching u guys. Bubba is such a kid at heart. U guys energy is intoxicating. Dreaming that i was there. Enjoy..

Antonina Jucovscaia says:

Congrats on your birthday and baby 6!!!!!!

Momma From Scratch says:

so fun, adding it to my travel list!

Sam Shannonhouse says:

Happy birthday!! Can you do a video on the budgeting side of this trip?how much it cost, what company you used, etc?:) thanks!

Shari Oliver says:

Question! Who kept the kiddos while y'all were gone? My husband and I have been having this discussion about sleepovers. Is it just grandparents that keep the kids overnight?

Chantel Allen says:

You're video skills are amazing. What program do you use to make videos?

Antawn Harvey says:

I’m new at vlogging and will like to share with others. What are some tips I can use? Please subscribe to help me out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV-zN0t43NU

Jennifer's Life says:

Now I want to go to Thailand! Congrats on baby #6

Maxim Noroc says:

love the music

kara stark says:

So fun!!! What did you use to film all these clips??

Amanda Duncan says:

I miss Thailand so much! Such a wonderful place!

Elena Lamb says:


andeal keyriver says:

Beautiful Jordan.

brp13398 says:

Oh my gosh! I went to China a little over 10 years ago and would LOVE to go back. Loved the food and culture, it is nothing like the states!

Kam M77 says:

Oh my gosh, that looked so amazing & fun❗️oh the food, I think I could have lived on all the fruit although it all looked delish 😋
The Lord really makes everything BEAUTIFUL🙏🏼 Thanks for sharing, looking forward 2 part 2😃

Micki A says:

How do you keep from getting sick in another country? Do you take antibiotics while you are there??

Stephanie says:

Oh my gosh that looked amazing! So fun! Jordan, how do you manage to always look so good even on a long trip!? Lol

Cassie Olson says:

Beautiful the drown shots omg such great work

Jenny McCormick says:

Aww so fun. Can we be friends??? Lol

Eileen Gonzalez says:

Thank u for sharing Jordan , Thailand looks beautiful!!!

Charisa Martin says:

Jordan now that you've announced you're preggers again, I can totally see the pregnancy glow in your face! 😍😍😍😍😍

Michelle Gibbs says:

Congrats on baby #6! So exciting!

Lawanda Joe says:

Thank you for taking my places I've never been. It was fun.

Daisy Ruiz says:

watching this at 6:10 standing in the middle of my messy kitchen (very jealous and super excited for you guys I know I'm late haha) drinking a jug of coffee hope you guys had fun !!

Jenny W. Chan - Origami Tree says:

Ahhhhhh!!! Take me with you!! 😍😍

Beuk 17 says:

Thailand is amaziiiing! I miss it so much. The food. The people, they are just the kindest. It looks like a perfect holiday. I'm excited for part two.

Sabrina Stovall says:

Amazing vacation !! Loved it !! 💖

Kate Kaden says:

WOW! What a beautiful place! Looks like a great vaca!

Monika Saves says:

This vlog made me miss Thailand so much! What are your shopping recommendations in Bangkok? Looks like this was a great holiday, looking forward to part 2.

NoMadMan says:

Thailand looks awesome! Makes me wana visit for sure!

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