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Thailand Family Adventure Travel Guide

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Book this family adventure trip now. Travel With Kids TV offering family travel based on this episode. See and do all the fun activities featured in Travel With Kids Thailand with a Travel With Kids Family Adventure Tour. Things to do in Thailand with kids. Explore the jungle areas north east of Bangkok. Bridge on the river Kwai, Kwai River Jungle Rafts Floatel, Bangkok, Khao San Road, Siam Square Ocean World Aquarium and Elephant’s World for a one of a kind encounter with elephants in the wild! More information about Travel With Kids at http://www.travelwithkids.tv


Growing Up Without Borders says:

Awesome video!

ดุสิตอัปสร สอนกลาง says:

Very good. Very happy Video.

The Moss Family Adventures says:

wow great vv

Jennifer M says:

Thanks for posting the video!

คมกริช ถมนาม says:


A Vinh says:

Do you go to school

Flora Sherry says:

This elephant has been tortured to perform like this.  Elephants are meant to be wild and free. Educate yourself.  The only place in Thailand to go to is the Elephant Nature Park in Cheing Mai where they can roam free.  To get an elephant to  do elephant riding they first need to get this elephant as a baby.  They find one, then they kill its whole family.  If that wasn't enough, they torture and beat the baby elephant until its bleeding and scared.  If that wasn't enough they then tie every part of the baby elephant and leave it like that for days with little food or water. Then when they teach this elephant to do elephant riding, they continue to beat and torture it, even when you don't see them beat or torture it, they continue to do so.  If you see the muhot or trainer carry either a stick or a bull hook (they might not use it) but as long as they carry it, they are telling the elephant that they will use it if the elephant does not do what they say. This is not just a Thailand problem its a global problem. There are no exceptions to people or groups who "train"  (torture) elephants to do "tricks"/elephant riding. Please educate yourself,  if you don't know what's going on then we can not be mad at you. But once you are educated, but you continue to support this, it leaves the rest of us upset and frustrated.

Quizzi blabla says:

I would like to recommend indoor activity in Bangkok "The Escape Hunt Experience" to be your choice. It's like the escape game on the phone but it's real to lock you in the room and you have to solve the puzzles until you can escape from the room. I really had extremely fun !
You can check it from the link below.

Patrick Andersson says:

well well done! Great work. That took some time. Please check out my/our travelvideos. Best regards, Patrick

Chip Hamburger says:

Great Video's and I am hooked on them. Nickelodeon should pick these up.

BornToBunk says:

We really liked your video…

herman van zwam says:

loved your video ,,love thailand ,back in thailand in 3 weeks ,can't wait 

monimagic1981 says:

love this channel. fabulous!

cocobana29 says:

nice keep doing ! and ur kids are cute

Waranya Giles says:

I've to them places

Nussara Ji says:

Glad you came to our country. Welcome to Thailand…the land of smile 🙂

Soup Man says:

These two kids are so great.

vanofferen says:

Very cool guys!! Great video. Finally an Anthony Bourdain-ish travel channel for kids. I have a holiday video of Thailand as well, check it out if you want.

Randhir Singh Jandu says:

having too close with elephants, is there any danger to get diseases from them, please advise because we want to visit there with our kids and elderly parents.

Hailey Smith says:

Great show!

Anne Lazarus says:

I love this show. I feel like I know this family! Those two boys are so adorable and they've gotten so big now.

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