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Testing TRAVEL HACKS at the Airport!

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Sometimes life hacks are useful…sometimes, not so much. On our way to Cabo, we decided to test the internet’s WEIRDEST traveling hacks & tips for luggage, airports, and airplanes – from packing like a pro to faking pregnancy for better seats!

Are these dumb travel hacks and gadgets totally useful & good to know, or a total fail?? Find out with us!

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✈️ Destination Cabo – 8 Days, 8 Videos!! ✈️
7/7 – Travel Hacks
7/8 – $45,000 Cabo Villa Tour
7/9 – $1 Million Yacht
7/10 – Trying Mexican McDonald’s
7/11 – Recreating Celeb Instagrams
7/12 – Fish Pedicures
7/13 – Room Service Mukbang
7/14 – Instagram Dares in Mexico

Special thanks to The Zaring Group & Grand Fiesta Americana for this incredible experience! Learn more ►► http://bit.ly/2Nof74l
Grand Fiesta ► @GrandFALosCabos
Zaring Group ► @ZaringGroup

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Samantha Tedeschi says:

Instead of using those plastic bags for packing, on amazon buy the packing cubes. They are so helpful, so you know where everything is and there is no question ab it

TheWeirdos44 says:

I haven't ever been on a plane before, why am I watching this?

Sara L says:

If you’re going to ask for the can just ask before the flight attendant pours the drink!
And if you want a can + a glass of ice just say it all in one so they don’t have to reach over people twice
A flight attendant

Kalina P says:

I always ask for a whole can because it’s less work for them to just give me a whole can rather then pour it then add ice

SophiaRose says:

if you have netflix you should download netflix shows and movies to watch and also so you dont use data

Gen T. says:

I’d honestly be too scared to ask 4 the whole can 😅

Linny Doodles says:

When ever I’m on the plane they always give me a cup and can with out me asking for the whole can

NerfThis3455 to people says:

It is funny my suitcase I got on Amazon had a phone holder a cup holder anddd a a phone charger it is so nice and there were three of so basically it is a life hack by its self

bridgetabby says:

swifties are shaking

Courtney says:

Oh my god! The look at this coffee part is so funny! 😂

The Stars says:

Watching u on the amazing race u go gals! ☺😺

Niamh x says:

I really like the layout of the video and the editing!!!!!!!

Aaron Lee says:

Gotta try for my next video !

Caitlin Law says:

Every plane I have been on it gives you the whole can anyway but good hacks

Sienna Millan says:

On a trip to florida

Sienna Millan says:

This is helpful because I am going

Valentina Abu says:

Whenever you go to hotels you can also ask for a charger and say you forgot yours it always works for me🤷🏼‍♀️

MrPinaatti says:

How tall are you all? (I'm 182cm (5'11))

Alayna Gardner says:

I fly with easy jet or Ryan air and they always give you the full can

Bella Stafford says:

I tried the fragile bag thing and my bag came out last 😂

Claudia Pirog says:

I went to los Cabo’s last year😭I want to meet u guys so bad

Rachel Colleen says:

For the upgrade its easier to do it on the plane with one of the attendants not at the counter, just so you know or if you want to try on the trip back or something.

Hayley Aitchison says:

I’ve never got on a plane that didn’t give me the whole can of soda….

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