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Switzerland is SUPER expensive…I know! But there are a few way you can save on your next trip here!

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Quecy Arther says:

Very helpful

poging bagsik says:

Your eyelashes are so annoying!
But your still hot!

Garima Juneja says:

Great information! I have also shared some tips to have a budget trip in Switzerland. I'd love for you to check out.! I figured that the half fare card from SBB turns out cheaper than the Swiss travel pass for certain itinireraries. I share a trick to calculate how to buy your appropriate pass.

railroller says:

I agree, the Swiss grocery stores will make your trip more affordable. I enjoyed the rotisserie chicken, local cheeses, fresh baked breads and house brand chocolate bars at the stores you mentioned.
I saved a small fortune by tent camping. It was so easy! The camping facilities are transit friendly, clean and safe.
I developed a system of only going up mountains early in the day on particularly clear days. Don't go up hoping the clouds will clear. I saved money by hiking down the mountains. By taking a gondola or train up a mountain and then descending on the wonderful network of Swiss hiking trails, one can save money and enjoy a walk they will never forget.

MJB says:

Going to Switzerland and spending apx two weeks going all over Switzerland. So I'm kinda confused as to get the Swiss travel pass when I get to Switzerland or Eurail ? I'll be starting in Zurich then Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli, Flums, Aosta Valley Italy,  Berner Oberland for 3 days, Bern, Basel, Luzern then back to Zurich. So swiss travel pass or just pay as I go ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It's around $1200 Canadian for me and my sons Swiss travel pass for two weeks, yikes !

Âmbrê says:

I live in Swiss !

elmadi says:

Thanks for the tips 🙂

Galib Qurishi says:

Is the interrail cover all transportation ?

Denise Forester says:

Is there a great app for walking around and visiting great sites around Lausanne ?

viknes says:

What is the mode of transportation from train station to the Air bnb? The air bnb always situated far from the main train station and required cab or grab/uber to get there. Any advise?

Mintu Sarkar says:

visit: bpcode.space

Michele Roulet says:

I hate 2 disagree with u bt how's anyone supposed 2 experience the culture of food if they r being told go buy from a grocery store

L H says:

yea really go to migros or coop to save money ahahahahaha good one!
maybe go to lidl or aldi instead

sbkpilot11 says:

the only thing I heard in this vid.. expensive, expensive, expensive.. crazy crazy expensive… lol!

Peter Oppliger says:

As a frequent traveler Switzerland is more expensive as the US, however the quality is also much much better.
But Switzerland, is not very very expensive, as you very often say comparing to the Scandinavian countries.

gavin g says:

eurail or swiss travel pass, which is better & convenient for a week

B. A. says:

Switzerland (at least Zurich I know) has Uber! much cheaper than taxis 🙂

sasha038 says:

This is super helpful!!! Thanks so much! Would you advise renting a car?

Charmaine Taniegra says:

Very helpful! I'm planning as a solo traveler and I'm planning to go to July. Thanks!

adraxis says:

Your videos are beyond useless, literally any other random persons video is adding so much more value.

Kalashinie Fernando says:

Thanks for the awsome video. We are only hoping to travel in Switzerland, in that case should we get the swiss pass or the eurail pass?

Gio Chacón says:

What is the name of the bike rental in Zurich? any specific Zurich saving tips!!!

Emily Godin says:

how long does it take for the eurail pass to come in the mail after you order it? I live in minnesota and need a two country pass for switzerland and italy

SwissMarksman says:

Pro tip: Don't take the taxis unless it's absolutly necessary. They're expensive as fuck and mostly Zurich and the other bigger citys have Uber.

method says:

Know it's a old video, love your videos. My wife and I are moving out there in 3-4 months and would probably be longer if wasn't for the information in your videos. Thx so much

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