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Hi everyone! So in the interest of being useful, today’s video is full of summer holiday activities to do with kids that are easy, cheap and fun too. I hope you enjoy! Lots of love, and thank you so much, as always, for watching and subscribing! xx 


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Q: How old are you?
A: I am now 30 years-old! Argh!

Q: Tell us about your family?
A: I have a son called, Bill, and I am no longer with his dad, as we split mutually when he was a baby. I never imagined my life as it is now, with children to different partners, but I am so happy it is my life. I met Mark in the summer of 2013, and we became firm friends. We fell in love when I became single and we’ve never looked back. We have a daughter, called Daisy, born April 2016, and I’m due our third baby – a boy – in March 2018!

Q: What is your job?
A: I am a trained journalist and former business magazine editor, I then moved into content creation at an agency in Manchester (where I met Mark!) and since Daisy was born, I am now a full-time YouTuber. Yes, it sounds weird to me too! I work around the kids and try my best to make it work!

Q: What camera/software/lighting/music do you use to make your videos?
A: I film my videos with the Canon G7X Mark II (I love it!) and I have a Neweer Ring Light. I use iMovie to edit, PicMonkey for thumbnails, and I use Epidemic Sound, BenSound and the YouTube library for music!

Affiliate disclaimer: I sometimes receive a percentage of the revenue from purchases made through links to the items in some of my videos. But this doesn’t affect my choices when it comes to products I recommend!


Gryffindor lover says:

Oh i used to love the dinasouar videos and i did libary reading challenges when i was little❤

Gryffindor lover says:

Such a good idea

Roseanne Byford says:

Yay I'm glad you mentioned the Summer reading challenge! This is my 6th year volunteering at my local library, the kids love it & I love encouraging a love of reading! It's my fave hobby 📚

Loved the video, great inspo for when my nephews come round xx

Ickle Pickle Prints says:

Loved this. So many amazing ideas…looking forward to trying them out with the little ones x

Lynsey Lawton-Roberts says:

One of the best video’s ‘what do do’ I have seen 😊 thank you for sharing your idea’s 💕

Kim Sujie says:

I loved watching this video! Even my hubby watched the whole video with me! And, that says it all really. Hehe! I basically had my whole pregnancy journey along with you. Actually, my due date for our daughter was March 11th but ended up having her on the 21st. Anyways, I really enjoyed your video because these days most of these kind of videos are sponsored and sometimes don't come across that genuine at all. We are currently living in S.Korea but we are due to visit Northern Ireland (to see the in-laws) for Christmas, We will definitely be purchasing some of the products you have mentioned. Thanks for the great ideas and lovely vlogs xx

Positive Transformations With Mhairi says:

loved the water balloons and kitchen disco ideas😊✌🏻💜

AbigailmcraeHEY says:

Loved this type of video 😊

Louise Allen says:

Thank u charlotte just made the paper book with my four year old. Amazing idea thank u x

Jema123 says:

I’m a teacher and if parents put in half of this effort it’d make a hell of a difference! So many children come back to school saying they’ve spent their holidays on a computer playing games and haven’t even been outside. It’s so sad!

Hannah Barry says:

Really great video, thanks so much Charlotte 👌🤩

MarisJournal says:

Omg loved these!!!! You are definitely one of my favourite youtubers Charlotte ❤️

Poll Williams x says:

My little boy is only 4 months but this has gave me so many ideas for when he’s a little older to do these little activities! I’ve started creating his first year scrap book and found the app freeprints brilliant !! Xx

Lisa Rice says:

I will watch this later. I live in N.Ireland and our kids have been off for 6 weeks already 😯 Just another 3 to go 🙌🙌🙌

Zoe Harper says:

Thanks Charlotte – so far it’s been a looonnnng 3 weeks 🤯, lots of ideas there for me to keep my boys entertained – love the scrap book idea, I use the same free prints apps I really like it. xx

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