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Stuck in Yosemite (BooHoo) & 5 Yosemite Mistakes & Travel Tips

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After making multiple mistakes when visiting Yosemite National Park from their RV, the RV Odd Couple shares 5 Yosemite travel tips. They share about their reaction to seeing Yosemite Park for the first time and show Yosemite time lapse. This video describes Yosemite tips and tricks to make the most of your visit to Yosemite National Park.

The RV Odd Couple invites you to visit them at Yosemite Lakes RV Resort. Only a few miles away from the entrance of Yosemite Park, the RV Odd Couple shares about the best time to visit Yosemite Lakes campground.

This Yosemite National Park Vacation Travel Guide focuses on. Traveling mistakes. As professional mistake makers, the RV Odd Couple shares, what not to do in Yosemite!

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We’re the RV Odd Couple, and we sold our house and most of all our possessions to live in an RV, with freedom, independence and adventure. (with our toddler and dog). We documented the process to transition into full-time RV living with our family and experienced the RV travel mistakes that you shouldn’t have to. This channel aims to provide you with valuable trailer travel tips and tricks, RV life basics, and motorhome beginners tips. We also plan to upload some of our fifth wheel RV vlog adventures as we travel the country too! If you’re into traveling vlogs, RV country traveling, or want to start full time RV living on the right foot, join us as we take on the adventure of our lives.


RV Odd Couple says:

We wanted to create this video for those of you have given us so much support but cannot RV due to physical or other issues. John and I love all of you and are very grateful to have you with us! Thank you 💚

Carole Olsen says:

It's supposed to snow 12" tonight.

Mike Dean says:

Since you are forced by them, you getting free camp ground with full hook up???

halfdome86 says:

The snow experience you had is an exception in May. Not too common. As a rule the best time for views in the park is Spring when, as you saw, the falls are spectacular. Best time to visit for very low crowds is late fall. We found early December best. The negative to that is that the falls may be nonexistent at that time. This is our favorite time. Being at the lower falls alone is quite insperational.

Roxanne Scott says:

While parked at a season site for a few months, unbeknownst to us, some birds build a nest in our 5th wheel hitch on our camper. This was our WORST camping experience — ever! Our entire camper ended up getting infested with bird mites. They got in our clothes, our bedding, our hair, and all over our bodies! They are almost invisible, but they bite and crawl and are just plain creepy! Everything we read online said we were SOL, and to just burn it to the ground! But luckily, my husband went to the experts at the UW extension office and they put our minds at ease. They told us that the mites need a host, so if we just leave the camper for about 3 weeks, the mites will die and our camper would be fine. They were right. Good luck, Odd Squad. I hope this doesn't happen to you 😉

Laurel Nelson says:

Beautiful sights. So glad you are having fun. I love this channel there is so much information you share which is absolutely helpful. 🦋

Dan Terry says:

Well you talked me into it. I grew up in California, left when I was 24 and have spent the last 43 years in Oregon. But never have been to Yosemite. Sorry I didn’t when I was younger. Good luck with your kinda open house, hope it works out well and you don’t end up with some Audubon stalker.

Kim Peasley-Parker says:

I can tell how much you are about your followers. The exact reason I love to watch your videos! You look much more rested and relaxed. The birds did you a favor!

Collecting Vintage Watches says:

Hi Guys you changed the thumbnail and I almost skipped true the video I'm used to seeing you guys there, I'm 3 more videos away from pulling the trigger on a new trailer and pawn everything I own to start traveling, great video guys 🙋‍♂️

Mike D says:

Stellar Jays??? I hear their eggs make GREAT omelets!!

popsicle33 says:

Word of the day… Grandeur!
Oh and… S.O.L…… 🤣
That's awesome that you guys are having visitors. We'll catch up in Florida one of these days!

Steve Lucier says:

Thank You for sharing. Always wanted to travel a few months to see these regions. We had a mini fith wheel 19.5' long 7' wide but didn't manage to do so. Now I have been stuck inside for over a decade with air conditioner and a dehumidifier because of MS however we finally got back into a good travel trailer with ac, 30 pint dehumidifier and soon a inverter generator in case the camp ground is without power. I am sure there would be a lot of days I can't got out for any length of time from the truck or camper but we could see more than all the videos. HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS! lol gotta get new batteries for my power chair also. It isn't cheap being ill.

Maura Noonan says:

Looking forward to seeing more beautiful scenes! Stay safe!

Dwight Hicks says:

My mom and dad took me to yosemite and sequoia national parks in 1962 i was 7 years old but i vividly remember most of it , it was our first family road trip I got to see the fire fall i fed the chipmunks potato chips by hand ( my favorite part of the trip ) we drove through the big tree we stayed in cabins and right now I am rembering my wonderful parents and many other good times we had and having a good happy cry THANK YOU and as always may GOD bless you and yours. Say hello to the birds and the daughter that was so instrumental in helping you solve the problem…….still praying for you and yours.Love in CHRIST Dwight

Debbie Anderson says:

Thanks for your great xideos!! Your faith sustains you and your humor ls infecxtious. You are showing me so much information!. I hope I get to meet you guys when I get my RV later this year. God Bless all of you!!

Douglas Payne says:

where are you camping at? do you like it there?

Debbie B says:

You're 100% right , I can't go on this kind of adventure , until I get my Knee replacement done .
There's one Rv , who has a camera set up , where you can see a Certain amount of where they're .

Douglas Payne says:

just cover the area where they are building the next with plastic in the initial phase

RV Van Life says:

So cool of you to invite us for a meet up, going to keep you guys in prayer that you only meet good, kind, people and it all goes ok.

Elisabeth Seeger says:

When you leave Yosemite or before then, a wonderful trip is to the small historical town of Murphy’s CA, which has an extremely old hotel with a true gourmet restaurant, famous in CA. Fun tiny town, lots to see there. Not to be missed. Good luck with the birds!!

avramnanan says:

Love your videos !!

hr 777 says:

You're trapped by birds ???? !!!!!! What a conundrum. (ibupropin food chains water poncho camera bag early in and late out….and bring the marshmallows….got it) thanks for the great great tips and fun to watch videos. God bless you guys for filming the great views for those who cannot go.

Donna Montoya says:

It is so beautiful there!! Have fun.

Rosie Turtleham says:

I greatly appreciate videos like yours. I went to Yosemite as a teenager back in the mid-90s but am now disabled. I have a rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and am a wheelchair user. It's a permanent, progressively degenerative condition and while doesn't prevent me from traveling, it does make it more difficult. I love watching videos of people's travels so I can see beautiful things! Thank you for your kind words for people like me! 💜

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