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Staying In A SINGAPORE CAPSULE HOTEL! (Cheap Singapore Accommodation 2019)

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Cube Boutique Hotels @ Kampong Glam
Address: 55 Bussorah St, Singapore
Price: AUD $55 / night

They also have another one in Chinatown
Cube Boutique Capsule Hotel @ Chinatown
Address: 76, 78 Smith Street, 2nd & 3rd Level, Singapore

I traveled solo to Singapore last month; it was my Scoot Air layover on route to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. I decided to stay there for a few days because, well with the amazing Singaporean food and awesome things to do here in Singapore, why not?!

While i would absolutely LOVE to stay at an amazing 5 star hotel in Singapore (first place that comes to mind… Marina Bay Sands! Man that pool looks so cool ya know… and i still have never been in it…. one day!), luxurious hotels in Singapore are out of my budget at the moment, so my version of the ”best hotel in Singapore” is something that is clean, convenient and budget-friendly.

Additionally, something that i am conscious of as a solo female traveler is to make sure my accommodation is situated in a location that is relatively safe. This wasn’t too much of a problem in Singapore, because for the most part I actually felt really safe when in Singapore. Regardless, if you are also a solo female traveler heading your way to Singapore, and you’re looking for a cheap / affordable female-only accommodation (they have female only dorms), give this place a go.

I stayed here for three nights, with complimentary breakfast everyday. (yes!) I didn’t actually book directly with the Cube Boutique Capsule Hotels, instead, i booked with hotels.com. Note that the capsule hotel is listed on agoda and trivago as well at competitive rates; i booked with hotels.com because i am a part of their ‘loyalty program’

Hope you enjoyed this Singapore Capsule Hotel review video πŸ™‚

#singaporecapsulehotel #besthotelsinsingapore

Staying In A SINGAPORE CAPSULE HOTEL! (Cheap Singapore Accommodation 2019) Best Hotels in Singapore

Could you tell i was sick in this vid? this video was pretty much my last ”good” day before my voice escaped me lol


Janice Fung says:

So what do you think – would you stay here?
ALSO. do you travel with your pillow? Or am i just weird..?

Autism: The Other A-Word By Aminah Mosley says:

I think I’ll go here for a night because of your recommendation

Jet Kinn says:

This was satisfying to watch I want to make a day in the life so bad…

Precious says:

S$55 for a capsule hotel is kinda expensive though…

Akin Khoo says:

move to singapore for the internet speed pls >:^)

Addison Smith says:

I love the gratefulness she shows.
That’s probably the biggest thumbs up ever! 😊

Glenn Chua. Hian Beng says:

Just make sure there is no one inside the bath room when you filming. Hahaha.

jjyynx says:

Is 170cm really 5”7?

World Aquarium Singapore says:

Cool Singapore capsule hotel tour cheers πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Simon Williams says:

This so funny.Thankyou.

Tan Soon Heng Heng says:

Is there aircon?

Sigma Geranimo says:

Singapore need Internet Cafe.

Slytherin Slytherin says:

"…I didn't break that."

Janice Fung 2019

Vic LZQ says:

I took a break from studying & stumbled on this video. The moment the knob dropped, I was like "oh shit oh shit oh shit!" and laughing to myself.

Thanks for making my day! <3 I am now a fan.

Mamun Khan says:

Could you tell me which capsule hotels good in Singapore and its cheap cost. I have a tour plan in next month

Chan Edward says:

By the way I’m a citizen of singapore

Loh Andrew says:

Janice, you're so cute. love you.

GAcHA Krɨs says:

I’m a singaporean. I didn’t know there is a hotel like this in my own country. Noice.

EngineeredMechanized says:

Miss, can you suggest me some places where I can spend the night while in Singapore, I am a back pack tourist and I am on a shoe string budget.

Bian Chang says:

LOL HAHA I was born raised and currently living in SG and I never knew we even had a capsule hotel of any form.

lucy kim says:

I stayed exactly the same one this month for 3 night. I heard lots of noise even late night. Quite annoying

Syahrizal Norisham says:

Is this a female hotel ??? Or for both

I am me says:

People with claustrophobia left the chat*

dyunpee says:

Nice cube hotel

Sharkie Saffy says:

I always wondered about that capsule hotel everytime i pass it! It looks pretty coolβ€” thanks for reviewing it. Hope you enjoyed your time in Singapore😊

iAwareNow says:

'Kampung Glam' have you been paid to do this..? where there are Malay's involved there is always some form of corruption..

FBI ; says:

i from Sg Have A nice dayπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Jazz Vlog says:

Omg I like that bed I can sleep well I want to check in that hotel..

Daniel Yee says:

Too small and expensive

Hui Yun Lee says:

Lolll I am a Singaporean and idek there is a capsule hotel?!?! I've been here for freaking 13 years ahahah

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