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HI! I am Samantha, I am a happily married, SAHM of 3 kids, Matthew (9), Lillian (8) and Joshua (4). We live in Northern Virginia. I have been sharing parts of my life as a wife and mother here on youtube for over 4 years! Hope you enjoy!

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Sherry K says:

I usually bring a dehumidifier/ humidifier, my own hand soap, paper towels, and a foldable hamper. Bottle water is a must, snacks are necessary. I have to say that ziplock bags are a great idea and I will try that on the next vacation.

Lacey M says:

I live in hotels on location with my husband during a lot of the year and I never thought of most of these. Awesome tips!

Emily K says:

i was recently in NYC for business at a very nice hotel and couldn't believe that there were hardly any outlets! I'll never travel without a powerstrip again!

rmalus10297 says:

Woohoo. Great tips! Going to OC in w
2 weeks. Will def use a few of these!

Intentionally Made says:

Loooooved this video Sam! I just registered my little guy up for tball and I'm soooo excited! Your videos and tips are going to really help me in the seasons to come. 😘

O'Family On the Move says:

Very cool! Our biggest issue is organizing ourselves in a hotel, especially on longer stays. Looks like most of this stuff could fit in a smaller tote and keep stored at home to throw in the van for trips. We have one for camping, the beach, etc. but never thought about the hotel! Just subbed, thanks!

Mommy Days says:

Great tips for road trips! Thx

Susan Gilchrist says:

Love these tips! Also love the way you say "bags." 🙂 Your accent comes out!

A Time to Clean says:

Great tips!

Roxanne Jenkins says:

I love all your tips thanks for sharing my tip is pack baby wipes there life savers even with teens

TheSmaroline says:

Love these tips!!!! So great!!!

Stacey A Hopeful Houswife says:

I love these tips!! Thank you for posting such great ideas!!

Eshana Hamlin says:

I loved these tips. I will definitely try some of these. Thank you so much. I truly enjoy all your videos.

Ana Galvan says:

I thought I was the only one that went crazy for jumping in hotel beds etc! Will definitely try 2 or more of these tips thanks

Julie Sheffield says:

Great tips! My favorite is the ironing board–why haven't I thought of that? 🙂

Cindy Guentert-Baldo says:

I very rarely go to hotels with the kids in part because it is so overwhelming – thank you SO MUCH for these tips. It might make it less of a PITA next time. (Especially the air freshener. Just wait until your littles are teenagers. 😖)

Lela Clifford says:

love these tips snack bins and shoe bin I will try them out!!

Rosa T says:

You always have great tips. Thank you !

Illustrious2 says:

Great ideas!

Bless This Mess says:

Such great tips! 😀

Lisa Willett says:

I agree with the wagon, and the ziploc bags for sure!!!!!! LIFESAVERS!!!!!!! AND YES a bag for shoes!! I HATE CLUTTER and do quite a few of these I LOVE THAT TAPE!!!!!!

Lindsay Ever After says:

Love the snack bins I use them even at home!

Sara Mitchell says:

Do you use all of these hacks when flying and driving?

Bren s says:

Awesome ideas!! Can't wait to try the shoe organizers for snacks! I usually throw snacks in a tote and they end up crushed. I wish I could find the road tape bur our Target has been out of it. We always take a power strip too!

Fiona Molloy says:

Are the floors of most US hotel rooms tiled? Most here in Ireland are carpeted or I've noticed a few more modern ones lately have wood flooring.

KSAL25redscarf says:

Love these tips! I especially will be utilizing the chip clips for the curtains and having bins for the snacks. Thanks!

icefishcat says:

Why would you put leftover pizza in the fridge?

Rebecca B says:

I have a family of 6! Love these!

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