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Seoul South Korea Family Travel Guide

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Things to do in Seoul South Korea. Seoul South Korea With Kids – Travel With Kids South Korea. Trick Eye Musuem, N Tower, Kimchi Class, DMZ, Palaces and museums, Lotte World. Things to do in Seoul with children.


Jae Hun Kim says:

the history is wrong on many levels, almost fake news! Goguryeo got defeated by Silla which unified the peninsula, and original japanese invasion (2 during chosun era) did not conquer korea ; it happened after Meiji Restoration.

trackydog says:

How can South Korea be glorified during the winter Olympics when their culture includes eating dogs? Over 40,000 restaurants in South Korea serve dog meat, and that just the restaurants! Boycott the winter Olympics starting February 9th. Get off the fence! Have the nerve to watch this one video and that will do it for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta6tovRyzPQ

Uju says:

I will travel that place.😘

Blue jean says:

the bgm at 6:08 sounds so chinese vibes. but i enjoyed this video

김정식 says:

즐거운 한국 여행 잘 했네

Mike K says:

The Korean pronunciation is just…🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏽‍♀️

Korea With Kids says:

We took our two kids to Korea for 3 1/2 week this Aug-Sept… took the train down to Yeosu, rented a car, and drove around for a week, then went to Ulleungdo. It was awesome. Occasionally difficult but I would do it again! (The rough part is the timing… summer is too hot and any other time you have to work around school schedules!)

Jee Hye Park says:

Chinese song at the background.. haha

carrotee1 says:

I really love this vid! And kids are so adorable! Traveling has a good effort on kids, I believe. ;D

kusinagi says:

more like travel with teens, man they grew

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