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NEW VLOG #575- We decorate for Easter.

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“Where I am From” By Topher & Alex Elena


T Cline says:

Lennon is so stinking cute!!! Glad you got the new dryer & soon to have the dishwasher. Your dad is awesome!! You two are so stinking cute!!!

DeeM30 says:

Where did you find the Butterbeer ice cream?! I saw something about it on Facebook, but haven't been able to find it yet. 🙂

Shelley D says:

Early in the video, Lennon tried to say "container" without even being prompted. As much as you two talk to and in front of her, and encourage her to repeat words, she's going to be so articulate! 🙂

Hana Reeve says:

'We have more than one spoon'

Francine p White says:

Yall are truly a incredible family with such beautiful souls .My partner & I truly enjoy yalls Vlogs .

summersoverrated says:

Anyone else notice that Tara and Mandi always describing things with "so good" or "so hungry" or "so red" lol y'all crack me up 😆

summersoverrated says:

What happened to their red dryers they had at their old place? Just curious :3

Dana Kent says:

I love how Lennon tries any food. I wish my kids would do that. y'all are an absolutely​ beautiful family. can't wait to see what the twins will look like. I love y'all

I love Amy Lee says:

she talks aww

I love Amy Lee says:

this was uploaded on my birthday

Marivic Belaro says:

keep blogging coz it keeps me wanting more videos…. tc loving rosa and Lennon and doggie delaila and roxie

sharaelv says:

the microwave part made me smile. I like eating the ice cream when is starting to melt and I always put it in the microwave

rebeccajennie1520 says:

I love your videos! They make my day! 🙂

Faten Naseha says:

Lennon drinking the green juice is seriously the cutest. Ugh

CraftyJane says:

Lennon keeps getting cuter and cuter. It's not your imagination. Can't believe she'll soon be talking…. how crazy is that.

Kirsty says:

I love you guys, I really enjoy watching your family and the love you all have for each other. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I personally never take it for granted xx

Rachel Wills says:

Tara, where did you get the shirt/sweater you have on? I love it!

flymetothemoon says:

Lennon is the cutest baby ever!!!

pinkyjolie47 says:

Tara don't worry I get the same way when I'm hungry. I've had many snickers bars thrown at me by my cousin because the hanger is real! Lol

Sadie0777 says:

I like my ice cream half frozen. I usually stick it in the microwave for 10 – 15 seconds… Always been that way. Strawberry cheesecake flavor fo life!!!!

Mackenzie Tyler says:

What is the brand of sleepers that you guys put lennon in that dont have feet on them? I need them for my 19th month old im obsessed

Jose Salort says:

you are a wonderful family 😁

C M says:

Lennon is so stinking adorable seriously

KC Longley says:

love you guys so much, thank you for all the hard work you put in with Vlogging. it means as much to us as having us as supporters means to you <3 have a lovely week!

Flowerkid says:

I Love you guys sooooooooo much! I´m watching your Vlog since day one! :******* Many hugs from Germany <3 <3 <3

Viviana V. says:

I died with the "we have more than one spoon" hahahahahaha O love you guys so much

Natalie Bruhn says:

love you guys what your vlogs every weekend and Lennon is soo cute

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