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Sam Chui Travel Hacks: How to find the LOWEST airfare?

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This is a new series of travel hack tutorial video to help you find the lowest airfare for travel in First and Business Class.

We explore ways to find the lowest ticket price to fly on Qantas B787-9 between UK and Australia, beat the official airline website price on Garuda First Class and learn where to credit the frequent flyer miles.

The website introduced in this video are:

1. https://www.expertflyer.com/
2. https://www.momondo.com/
3. https://www.wheretocredit.com/

My Blog Post about getting lower air ticket:

Smart Travel: How to find the Cheapest Qantas Business Class fare?

Amazing Cheap Lufthansa/Swiss First Class fare!


International tourism says:

" amazing "I'm honored to participate in your channel

Liber Vargas says:

Thank you Sam. An alternative for non-reving and Zedding

Bourahli Abdelhak says:

I use Google Flights, I fly for 4 hours from DUS to AYT on economy for 40 EUR ONE WAY, I think it's a great free alternative as it shows prices with dates and offers a plenty of filters.

Daniel Eriksson says:

If you fly in Europe and nordic countries you could try also https://www.flygresor.se

Yu An says:

Thanks Sam for sharing these tips, this is very useful!

keyur chatrola says:

Which credit card is good to buy all these airfare tickets for US passengers? Do we need to signup for any airfare programs [Eg: One World, Sky Team or Star Alliance]?

rizwan p says:

Hello sir, what can be cheap way to go bgi to Gatwick

arthur winthu says:

Could you please share me between Rangoon(RGN) and Brisbane(BNE). Thank you Sam.

Flixx_Quantum _R6 says:

Hi Sam I don’t think you will see this but how do you book on expert flyer

goodfilmful says:

Also, this guy needs to learn that he sometimes will have to put an 's' at the end of words

goodfilmful says:

For $100 a year this site better automatically search cheaper city pairs for me..

Juandiego Salazar says:

Great stuff ty!

Ferdous Jalil says:

You are an awesome guy! I envy you!

Ferdous Jalil says:

Can you please fly Bangladesh Biman. They have new 787!

Nomon Munir says:

what about if you are living in the USA??

Amirali Karami says:

Skyscanner had good rates for Malaysian too. Mr.Chui,Why don't you check that out?

Daniel C says:

Also it is insane how you find all these fights and know so many ways to discount and find good flights.

Daniel C says:

This was a really great video and very helpful too. It was a lot of good information that will hopefully help me in the future.

Gary Lambert says:

Crazy cheaper for me to fly Birmingham to Paris, Paris to Heathrow, Heathrow to Bangkok with BA rather than Heathrow to Bangkok.


Thank you i use this website 😀

Vishal Khopkar says:

Thank you for suggesting momondo.com. Some of the flights that I had already booked had cheaper fares there.

IHeartCryptoverse says:

You are awesome, Sam! Thank you.

FollowThatBug says:

What a helpful video. Thank you Sam!

jazzyuyu80 says:

how is momondo different to expedia? do they get different discount rate? I always use expedia and the airline's own website to compare. I also use ebookers and skyscanner but find results are very similar most of the time.

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