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RV Tour // RV Living // Family Travel

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Tour our RV as we show you how we are packed and ready for a new family travel adventure! We are showing you the tricks and tips we’ve learned about rv living in our tiny home away from home!

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John B. says:

Thank You VERY much for the tour. It is interesting how you can make it all work for you like you need it. Is the folding table you showed at the back of the trailer the same table you always have your Foodi & crock pots on in the kitchen when your filming?

Jill Daniels says:

Hey Cris! This is good inspiration for our next trip so thank you! What is the cord/cable called you use to stream instead of hotspot?

Greg H says:

wow, you guys are loaded but be safe

Melissa Wyatt says:

I’m curious about Miss Add. Do you homeschool her?

The Magical Slow Cooker says:

It’s amazing how messy they get! I can’t reach any of our upper cupboards, so everything gets thrown in them. I love your trailer, makes me want an upgrade.

Mrs Mac says:

Love you guys! Safe Travels!

Sarah Miller says:

I love this!

ChelSierra Remly says:

Have you ever come across 'The Game Crafter' website? If you have an idea for a card or board game, you can Indie-Publish them. They have a YouTube Channel too. … hmm … You could design playing cards with Crock Posse images? Crock Star could be the Ace … and one of the suits could be stars. Another one of the suits could be monkeys? I'm sure you can come up with better ideas than I can. Have fun with figuring it all out.

Christine Howells says:

Yeah i am looking forward to seeing the travels as well!. . keep Mr.Goode away from the snakes and cliffs and hot crockpot lids!. My family thanks you for all entertainment and crock pot recipes😀😇

Lois Degeneffe says:

Oh boy! I get to indulge my love of RVs again!

Mary Daley says:

Looking forward to your travels!!

Jan W. says:

So much useful information if you're an RV'er! Wish we were! We've had a quick temp drop as well. Earlier in the week it was 80 and humid, yet tonight we're expecting our first frost! Brr!

Tiana K. says:

Lots of great tips for the RVing family. My husband and I just rented a class c to take a family vacation to Texas. This is our 1st time renting an RV or taking a family trip this way. 1st thing I ordered was that cord for streaming from my cell phone. Already have the packing cubes for the luggage. Will use them for our clothes. The RV will be delivered the night before so don't think we will use luggage. Already have the poopourie. Had that on hand already. I am only female in an office of men. Will watch this video a few more times before we leave and probably just before we take off the 1st time after we have been set up. Just to make sure we have secured before to peel out!!! Lol This is a 15 day trip from MD to TX with our 18 year old son & 2 dogs. Hopefully we come back a little closer before we left. 🙂 thanks for sharing all the great ideas..

Shelia Jones says:

I really enjoyed seeing the inside of your camper I love it. How you got things organized I just really like it. Take care of where you all are going hope you take plenty of pictures to see where you been. May God keep his angels around you. Hope you have a wonderful trip. I really loved your camper

steven parrett says:

PooPouri is a marriage saver!!!!

Have fun on your trip Goode’s!!!!

Ms HM says:

Where will you be traveling to this winter? I live in Ohio & can completely relate to that temp drop we had! I’m not ready for another winter yet!

Kim Honeycutt says:

Ya'll have been very busy!! You do have to make the best use of every inch of a camper!! I knew there had to be a place for paper towels 😊 Was Ockie limping? 🐶 I wondered where you stored your crock pots. GOODe job Mikey on your little additions! I pray for safe, fun travels for ya'll and I'll be following along with you!🙏 Love you guys and love the Crock Posse!❤

Kathy Courington says:

I must say you all really thought out your storage…Very nice, looking forward to the travel videos.

This Crazy Real Life says:

Another amazing video. Can’t wait for more!

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