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Roundup: Cyber Monday Deals, Travel Credits, Min Spend

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Ask Sebby says:

Blog post w/ all the links: http://bit.ly/2TJIEII

Alexander B. says:

It seems the UR-Amazon offer cannot be applied to Amazon gift cards, as they are sold by ACI Gift Cards, LLC., and not Amazon itself. Or am I missing something?

taniya smith says:

Ask Sebby question how do I use only one point on my amazon it showing all my points

hector mendez says:

Hi sebby,
Why is the best time to apply for amex plantinum in December?

Kerrick Sasaki says:

Monthly round up is good for keeping me in track!

Ashraf El-Ga'aly says:

I didn’t catch the travel credit point. You said apply now to get 2018 credit before 19 rolls in. I thought you get the travel credit every year of using the card not calendar year. So if I open an account -say, December 1st. Then will the credit be available from 12/1/2018-12/1/2019?

HUGO TAM says:

Kind reminders from the video, very useful!

zou zou says:

Learning so much from your video and everybody’s comments. Thanks a lot.
I appreciate the brief, to the point wealth of information and how you always engage your subscribers to share their experience which in itself a lot of help too.

Claude E. Lett IV says:

I got $40 off my amazon order thanks to you! I love your insight!

Daveco321 says:

You know more then most customer service people in banks.

harsh shah says:

Like these videos

Big Cee says:

Keep doing videos like this it really helps out and do it monthly

troyperez76 says:

Are aspire hotel credits per calendar year or per anniversary year?

Ryan Hawkins says:

Love this video, and would love a video on why December is a great time to apply for AMEX Platinum.

Yandel Santiago says:

Ask sebby do you think is possible to get approved for the world of hyatt credit card with a credit score of 691 or should i wait until 730

Pete Skeet says:

Yes, please!

Justin says:

Wait, I'm confused. I just got the CSR this month but you're saying I need to use my travel credit before the end of this year or it expires?


keep the fire content up! sub + like 😁

Ken S says:

Yup great deal on my qc35



Mo Mo says:

Great video as usual but I am confused. I have had CSR for a month now and working on my minimum spend. I got $40 only as travel credit. I was under the impression I can get the $260 as my tool card gets charged.
Is this okay or will I use it. Thought the year starts when I got the card not calendar?
Thanks for anybody's help. New at this.

Eli Rivera says:

How is dealing with third party sellers on Amazon a mess? Most of them use fba and Amazon fills the orders anyway.

Samuel Sze says:

roundups are great, keep them coming 👍

Spinattitude says:

I love these roundup videos. There's something for everyone in them. Keep it up!

That Dude says:

my credit score just jumped transunion 745 equivax 753 and fico 763 which card should i get i want a big sign up bonus i think i can reach minimum spend

Chanel Abro says:

love these videos

Lynda Mitchell says:

I have some credit questions, what is your email address ?

daeyunee says:

Great info! thanks

El Tigre says:

How do I find out if I’m targeted? Email or trying thru Amazon?

0svaldo01 says:

Very helpful please keep doing these!!

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