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Rome, Italy on a budget | Rome travel vlog

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How to travel Rome on a budget || Avelovinit travel vlog

Went to Rome, Italy last August 2016 with my ex-boyfriend Hernik Lagoni. Had so much fun and we did not even spent that much!

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leigh heard says:

Me & my girlfriend are going in 2 days 🙂 thanks for the vid x

Claudio Rocca says:

I'm italien, i grew up in Italy, i'm still here living in Italy,
And i sware, i cannot understand the first music, yeah it's Italien,
but a dialect, and old dialect, now this dialect is lost, and like i just said can't understand it, it sounds too complicated😱

Mario avenger says:

Why you asian people get mad when people dont know your exact ethnicity.

Tim Maier says:

Sehr cooles Video! Und sehr schön geschnitten! 🙂

The 2rists says:

Pretty good tips!!

Squires Squire says:

Camera was really bad. Maybe better visual??

Parisan Slimes says:

Uh that pimple…..😶

SuperMasterJuanangel Estrada says:

I’m Going To Rome Soon

Bravo Luca says:

Summer is the worst time to go to Rome. Go off season,you don’t have all this tourists. You don’t have to wait in lines anywhere. Always drink bottled water. If you don’t,your going to get sick.

Roosje Keizer says:

We have been to Rome for over a fortnight. Well actually not staying in Rome but at a camping site near Rome at lake Bracciano. We used to relax one day and visited Rome the other one. Rome has been the most amazing experience of my life. Even though I don't admire the culture as much as most others do coz of its dark, cruel side.

Venice Lumelay says:

can you share the name of your hotel?

kate D' One says:

Cant wait on april. Were heading to rome as well 😊. Tfs

Janelle Lynn Mayo says:

I would have trolled the guy who said Ni hao and would have replied back in Japanese!


always nice to see rome again.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9KBL3Xy5S4 😉

cosieathome says:

very nice video thank you 🙂

paris rain says:

We vacationed in Rome, October of 2018! What a beautiful city!! I love Italy! Thinking of going? GO! 🙂

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