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Retire Southeast Asia Budget travel $25 A Day Retiring & Beautiful girl Retire Early

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Travel lSoutheast Asia Retiring Budget travel NOW $25 A Day Retire Early
Southeast Asia Retire now on $25 a day. Yes it is possible today to retire as low as $25 a day and up.
I will show you you can get a hotel room for $10 a night, eat three meals a day for $10 a day and $5 a day for The-miscellaneous items you need such as transportation, entertainment, etc.

South east Asia is cheap. On $25 a day you are not going to live like a king or a queen. You will be able to live on this budget and be able to live in a foreign country Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand are three south East Asian countries to retire.

Maybe you would like to have the time to write a travel blog, writer your famous novel: or have all the time for yourself to create an online business. Living in Southeast Asia and traveling in countrys where the overhead is very low it affords you the time to be creative.
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Check out this video on YouTube:
Killing fields The Children of Cambodia surviving on the streets.

Angkor Wat Temple & mausoleum 900 years old “wonder of the world”

SAVE $50. A Day Siem Reap Budget Travel $18 Rolex Watch
Our personal story
My wife Lori and myself sold our home and our business in Hawaii and in 2006 we became the homeless millionaires. Our goal was to travel around the world and
“living the good life” are basic philosophy is
Fly First Class but PAY Coach Price “
.We have enjoy our world tour of 35 countries in the last 25 years. In 2012 we returned back to the big Island of Hawaii and bought a small cottage. For 2 Years we using Hawaii as our home-base.
We now have moved to Mexico and using Mexico is our home-base as we continue to travel around the world.
We have been asked by our friends to start this YouTube channel blog to share our experience and give some tips on budget travel.
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Keep doing what you do is appreciated by all.
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Cathy N says:

You inspire me

Leopoldus Carniolus says:

NO way I am eating street food after going to an outdoor cafe in Bucharest and getting severe stomach cramps for 3 days. Hopefully these people are more hygienic than Romanians.

Chinese for supper says:

What happens there if you have a heart attack or stroke? you are not going to survive it or get a bypass done except Japan where it will be too expensive anyway. Great place to go to have a short life.

Richard Hewit says:

Cambodian food can be very dodgy.

Jonny Cash says:

I would not eat anything from street vendors. Buy raw and prepare food yourself.

You don't want to get sick in those countries. Watch what you eat, drink and touch.

Venkat says:

I'm really concerned about the oil they used for the food! Once in a while it is OK. But for a month?

francois williams says:

Hahaha…good stuff!!

Tchum Jong says:


mitch blum says:

The most unhygenic foid I have ever seen on the street food. What nonesense,so many flies on the meat,maybe fruits but a westerners immune system never able to cope with street foid.Wonderful people though

Stay Free says:

I'm so glad to find your channel.

Nicole McNeill says:

Vegetarian in Cambodia lol

Akmal Sheikh says:

China is even better

Hunter Blackwell says:

great video!

FR3 At Last says:

Enjoy watching your videos but you need to stop getting your hands so close to the food!

Chicago Gyrl says:

I don't want to retire in Cambodia, a third world country. Also, there is too much of a language and culture barrier. Food, and otherwise. Fish jerky??? Mmm mmm! LOL! Temperatures are way too hot! And Lord help you if you get seriously injured, or ill, and end up in the hospital! And as an American, your always the target to get robbed and ripped off. You know how the "gringo pricing" works! One price for locals, more for white people. No, thanks!

David Bruce says:

Love this! Great info!

1234 55555 says:

Just found your channel totally subscribed thanks

AboriginalBoy says:

I live in our lovely germany and I only spend 5 bucks on food Lol, and I don't even cook at home!, thx to German innovation!

Star Scream says:

What about money for hookers

កម្សាន្ត សប្បាយ says:

Yes. It's truly.

Stuart Elms says:

Vodka and Red Bull…’that’ll keep you going.’ Ho ho

Joe Morrow says:

You do a good job Jerry!👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

Charles Moore says:

What do you do about health insurance ? Thx !

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