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PRAGUE BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE 🇨🇿 Prices, Things To Do, Eat & See!

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Complete guide to travelling to Prague on a budget. This video includes things to do in Prague, places to eat and how much everything costs! I got to spend 5 days in Prague as voted for by you guys in Episode 3 of the #EverywhereChallenge

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Dave Rich says:

my favourite place in the whole world,- missing it, must return soon, thanks for the vid! 🙂

Andrew Wilson says:

The best straight up Prague video I've seen..my son is gonna study there and you hit on some things that others don't. WTG

Danielle Christina says:

Who is that guide? He's fantastic!

Ahmed Yamany says:

This vlog along the Nz vlog series are one my fav on this channel.

Toya G. says:

Loving the music in your video!

Anna Blackblood says:

Wow how did you manage to travel pragur so tourist-free?? I thought it would be all crowded with people

Anne T. says:

U Vejvodo was our local bar when I lived in Prague, so great to see it on here at 1:37. The graffiti made me want to cry, Ally. OMG why do people do that?

Eliana Borba says:

This video is so amazing you should be proud!!! I've wanted to go to Prague since I read a book set in it hahaha

Hanna Pramholt says:

that tour guide was the best!

JustMeJewel says:

Prague is breathtaking! I can’t wait to see it in person on day

Marina Pepé says:

Great video! I love Prague. Where was that market at the end???? Also, Sandeman's tour guides are the cooest! I take their walking tours everywhere I go.

Stephen Schneider says:

Went back in July, gorgeous city! Ate at the Mytilda on the river front. Its fantastic! I was only there for a few hours as we were driving to Saltzburg.

Sabrina Lifestyle Coach says:

I Love AirBnb but dream trips add luxury to budgeting http://travelonabudget1.worldventures.biz

david wright says:

You are so damn adorable!!!!!

Kelsey Singer says:

Hi Aly! I love watching your videos! It’s like traveling vicariously through you because I can’t at the moment. I was rewatching one of your older videos where you said you were considering a Tom Bhin Aeronaut bag. Have you or would you consider doing a review on it? My husband and I may be doing a little bit of traveling in the future and I wonder if it’s worth investing in. Thank you!

Shaaala says:

Enjoy! I am happy you like my home town 🙂 I live in Karlin, glad you liked it!

Wild and Free Amy says:

What a passionate tour guide! Loved the video Aly, great job xx

Fusion prota says:

Hey I was in Praha

That’s all I have to say

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