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Planning Our 2019 Travel Goals and Adventures

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It’s the end of the year and 2018 and with the new year just around the corner it’s time to start planning for 2019. So we’ve partnered with Google Pixelbook to take a creative retreat in our backyard of Santa Monica, California to share our ideas, goals and bucket list travel destinations for 2019. #Sponsored #Pixelbook

Learn more about Google Pixelbook here – https://g.co/ywxmsh

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Cassie Boyle says:

Have you guys gone to Newfoundland?? It's so pretty there

Chun-Chih Shen says:

You guys are awesome!!!!
I’m planning on going to Eastern Europe next year!

David Ricardo says:

Hello vagabrothers. Love your channel and the positive vibes you bring to traveling and exploring new countries. If you ever travel to Puerto Rico it would be nice to get together for coffee. I wish you the best always 🙂

Musically compilations says:

Any plans on visiting Hunza valley Pakistan?

WildCard Journeys says:

What I dig about your channel is that it inspires me to travel Immediately as opposed to eventually, Lol.
As my fledgling travel channel is about travel with a paranormal slant to it, my immediate international destination is Colombia for a haunted location with ties to Pablo Escobar, so I'm excited about that.
My immediate domestic destination would be a northern Louisiana/southern Arkansas road trip to explore the local urban legends.
Keep up the good work and, as always, safe travels, Gentlemen.


U can visit Sikkim in India and trek to Kanchenjaunga National Park- recognized as UNESCO world heritage site in terms of nature and culture in 2019.

El Martinez says:

Mark is such a snack

Melanie Lambert says:

AHH I love the Scotland video!!! Scotland is my favorite place ever, so glad you guys went there 🙂

Go Mhoum says:

Come to Algeria, it's so underrated. I can give you all the informations you need

Cara Bozzo says:

Can anyone tell me what the first song is played in this video?

Isabelle RingswaldEgan says:

can't wait for kilimanjaro! I want to do it as my first climb in two years!

Hora Local says:

Colombia was our favourite destination this 2018 😍

Will Ramirez says:

Another great year gentlemen! Last year was an epic travel year for me, I have a huge backlog of footage to edit. In 2019, I want to take my channel up another level with trips to Mexico, El Salvador, possibly Pakistan and India and tons of smaller local trips here in Ontario and north eastern United States

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