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Packing tips GALORE! How we pack for vacation (with kids!)

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We are headed on vacation! I’ve had an influx of questions regarding how we pack for vacation, how we pack for our kids, and of course, our best packing tips in general…so here you go! Keep an eye on my Instagram (http://instagram.com/funcheaporfree) for real-time highlights from our trip!
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Links mentioned in the video:
-“ScootCase” – Note: they are REALLY hard to find (unless you live in the UK), but here’s one on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RWsBJy
-My snack/lunch system: https://youtu.be/olIlbbpSv5I
-Packing cubes: https://amzn.to/2Mffqyh
-Mory June “Moses Bag”: https://www.instagram.com/moryjuneco/

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Makenna Delle says:

I thought two kids were hard! (My cousins)

nicola cross says:

Yay loved this video! Even though it will be a while until I have children 😂 I’m going to Mexico this week!

Lisalea says:

Hi Jordan, how does Mory do with the luggage scooter? Was thinking of getting one for my daughter next year when she’ll be 2 and a half.

Amal Gruot says:

I love their suitcases!!!

Leona Kofoed says:

Free, cheap and fun doesn’t fit. There are some great ideas scattered throughout- but looks like you are cutting back on basics to have all the bells and whistles in other areas.

Kynzie says:

Hi I pack myself, packing cubes fit so much! I’m going to the coast in June for my birthday and I’m so exited I’m already watching these 😂

Kristin McCoy-Ward says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing 👍👍👍

AMINA Oubaali says:

ماشاء الله عليك سيدة نظيفة ومرتبة وتعجبني طريقة تربينك للاطفال في المساعدة في المنزل 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Gamze Aslanyurek says:

I love you Jordan 😙😙😙😙

Christine DeFriend says:

Thanks Jordan! Would love to see how you pack to come home too! Or tips on how to keep things from gettin crazay at the hotel! That way getting it all ready to head home would be easiest… so for example how do you handle dirty laundry (each kid keeps separate or all in one heap?)

Bev xo says:

Love that you teach your kids independence! 👏🏻

Brittney Coleman says:

Can you make a video for first time moms. I’m gonna be a single mom and I just kind of want to get a feel for what I’m gonna really need. I’m having a babygirl in May

lara says:

Those are still reusable bags though, super light-weight and since you only had wrapped food inside, you can easily just take them home with you again and use them again and again

Amy Lin says:

Wait what so you’re allowed to take snacks for older kids thru airport security checkpoint too? I always thought it was only allowed for 2 and under. We are traveling domestic in a couple months. Thanks!

The ConwayClan says:

Would you do a home tour?! It looks amazing!

Paigelandia Life says:

I thought that something was in my tooth, but it was my tooth😅😆

Kiashaw's World says:

The kids suitcases are super cute! Have a safe and fun trip

Amy Rudd says:

Hey Jordan! Can you please do a video on how you eat healthy and not gain a ton of weight by eating so cheap. We have a very strict grocery budget but often we don’t make the most healthiest meals because let’s face it….a box of great value pasta and sauce is a ton cheaper than meat and veggies.

Bronte Trainor says:

I’ve just found your channel and already LOVE it 💖

Frugal Family of 6 says:

Awesome tips!! Packing for 6 people stresses me out don't know how you cope lol

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