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Our Cheapest Disney World Vacation Plan – ReviewTyme

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What is the absolute cheapest, full experience Disney vacation possible? By full experience, I mean that you’re a family of four and you’re having a few luxuries. You’re staying on Disney property for 5 days, you’re buying food on property, you enjoy a snack, and you want to take something home with you. We need these limits in place because if you wanted to have the absolute cheapest Disney World vacation you need to be on the continent of America, be willing to walk to the Magic Kingdom from wherever you are, and then stand out front of the magic kingdom, ride the monorail and take a nap in a hotel lobby.

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Randy says:

You can get free Disney buttons at the first services.

Randy says:

MK pecos Bills. Children’s beef nachos. Substitute carrots and apples for rice and beans. You get a small drink. And you can use the toppings bar to load up the nachos. You can create a huge meal $7.48 .

Yamil Arany says:

Whats the name of the third party seller site?

Nilu Pattnaik says:

I nearly wet myself (but I didn't) as I laughed so much at this marvellous review. Factual, caring, accurate (afaik) but very tongue in cheek. Wonderful. Could only come from Oz.

NotCroutons says:

Great video, you have some really nice park footage, makes me wish I could go back tomorrow.

Jason says:

Have you done this with Disneyland yet?

Jeremy Sewell says:

This made me sad……..I'm so poor

James Harold says:

i visit in luxury

Mercurial Moose says:

I think the main thing to keep the cost down is purely staying at a value resort. We stayed at Port Orleans – Riverside just about a month ago, and while the resort was gorgeous, we didn't have any resort days, so beyond visiting the general store to pick up souvenirs we had shipped back to the resort and our first night eating at the quick service, our room was the most we saw of the resort. We're already planning our next trip and know that we'll be staying at a value resort, even with having resort days

Ruben Maes says:

1 week ago I cheered for the 1.1 K. now you guys have 3.1! keep these awesome videos coming 😀
I never taught Disney could be so 'Cheap'
I went to Orlando the previous year for 10 days and we payed a lot. but. it was totally worth the money!

nick says:

We spent under $800 on our last Disney trip. Travel hacking through rewards is pretty awesome. 🙂

lapis lazuli says:

what is being said at 3:33??? "rhymes with (skgjhsdkjghasdgjkasdhg)" w h a t ???????,

David Stubbs says:

Great video, but easy on the blue!

Alfred Allen says:

Why would anyone need five days at Walt Disney World? And yes I'm aware you can't do everything listed in their brochures within those five days but every theme park on the property doesn't warrant a full day's visit. Never appreciated Disneyland till I realized all the relevant fun stuff is jammed pack in its two parks. And it takes maximum three days to cram it all in. But many of us don't need to do everything (a luxury of being a So Cal native).

Blair wallace says:

my tip would be get a souvenir popcorn bucket $10 for initial purchase which includes the popcorn then $2 for a refill so you need 3-4 refills to get your moneys worth. Plus Disney’s popcorn is the best!!

Quills says:

thank you for confirming i will never be able to afford to go to a disney theme park

Alex Anderson says:

I was really surprise that you mentioned vietnamese dong in your videos, but great vid btw :3

Mark Harris says:

Loving an Australian's take on the Disney experience. What would you say is the best way to get from Australia to Orlando?

Jonas Lykke Christensen says:

I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work. ☺️

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