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ORGANISING EVERYTHING WE OWN // Van Life // Full-Time Travel

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Hi there! My name is Lisa. In Oct. 2014, I made the decision to quit my job and started downsizing my life by selling and rehoming all my belongings. Even though I’ve moved around all my life, I officially left the States in Dec. 2015 and have been travelling abroad as a minimalist nomad ever since, with everything I own fitting into a bag or two.

My first destination after leaving the States was Scotland. Fortunately, I met my husband Kuba there. We dated (mostly long-distance as I was travelling through Europe alone) and when I returned to Scotland, we got married! We’ve been travelling together full-time since May 2017!

In April 2018, we bought a Volkswagen T4 Transporter van and converted it into our first home. Now we live in our van full-time! 🙂

#vanlife #travel #Croatia


Amanda B says:

Mmmm, nougat! I’m not even entirely sure what nougat is (which is sad because I’m a baker) but that looks delicious. 😉

Kay Way47 says:

Enjoyed the vlog…you've inspired me to go through our things and keep what we really want and need…We have many items that we don't use ever..Safe travels..
Peace and Light 💜

Ms Purrple says:

I can't wait to see where you are going next!

Denis Štefok says:

Have a safe trip, enjoy 🙂

Neeli Wilson says:

Ooh more satisfying organization 😊👍

Susan Merritt says:

It's my Turn! I had to empty the van to help my nephew and girlfriend evacuate from Wilmington, NC before hurricane Florence hit. We got the dogs, and a lot of their things but couldn't get it all. Time for them to declutter. We caravaned back to Raleigh, NC to his brother's home. So now I am trying to organize my stuff back into the van with the idea of downsizing. We don't know which way the hurricane will go once it makes landfall, but either way, we are expecting record amounts of rain. On agency says 20 to 30 inches. It will feel good to have everything clean and organized once again!

Laura Castillejos says:

Great job organizing!
You found ice cream! Yay!

Cindy Muench says:

Safe travels! 😊

Vera-Ann van den Berg says:

Nothing like being organised 😁 Love Big plastic tote bins for packing, I have 12 for packing since we moved from Doha to KL. Still own too much 🙄Looking forward to seeing you guys living in the Van again, hope u feel better soon Lisa.

Tracy L says:

You must miss her very much love! She did a good job raising you all……

Maroxa says:

It was fun watching you organize!
One suggestion… make sure you do a thorough search of the flat AFTER you think you’re done… my mother went on a trip with my two cousins and they left my mom’s charger in one hotel plugged in behind the TV, and two dresses in the closet in another one.

Natural Remedies Coach says:

i love soap nuts!!! they are so awesome and when your done you can compost them too almost zero waste

Starry A says:

You always seem to upload soothing videos right when I need them! Currently staying overnight in Belgrade due to the airport closure today. Was flying Beruit to Stuttgart via here but my first flight went via Bulgaria and my second flight was cancelled! Chaos at the airport, no information, now been given a hotel for the night and flying to Stuttgart via Vienna tomorrow! Makes me wish I could take my time and go by van like you two do! Also, that dress looks lovely on you!

Betty Horn says:

Hey, when you're done there, you can come organize my rv! Lol! Have a great day!

Tracy L says:

Great vlog! Just been re watching your US visit family and friends vlogs again! I noticed that you and your sisters don't look very much alike, (your all beautiful btw) I noticed you look the most Korean of your sisters, your mum must have been an exceptionally beautiful woman……her daughter's got her looks!!!! Hope you don't think I'm being rude Lisa, I mean no offence!!! All of you are beautiful inside and out!

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