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Obama family lands at Avignon airport for holiday | AFP

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The family plane of former US President Barack Obama lands on the tarmac of Avignon airport, as he and his family arrive in France for a holiday in Provence. IMAGES

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Son Toks says:

Comment des gens d’origine populaire sont devenus si particuliers ?

jenny rayman says:

Who pays for his private jets now?

abdul harith ibrahim says:

At least Obama is a free man now…free from all the crap of American politics

Sama1966 Salinas says:

Houston we lost contact ok cigarette break🤔

Matt Burgett says:

The worst pos ever needs to be hung for treason the lil bitch

Ayameyxii 88 says:

He was just a PUPPET in WASHINGTON

Bill King says:

Yeah bomb a nation is running around with all the money he stole😠👎

Erik B says:

Ok. Plz tell me my tax dollars r not paying for all this. Good nite. How big of an escort did they need. Talk about blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars

Jeanne Stevenson says:

Take their passports they probably use taxpayers money. Lick them all up now

PapaBear says:

Fuck that black piece of shit.

randy french says:

Who gives a shit . To bad it didn't crash

Marcus LeeP says:

Really nice!!!!!

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