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New York with Kids – Family Travel Vlog

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New York with Kids – Family Travel Vlog! Walk Times Square with us! We have four small children (one baby) and we had a blast visiting Manhattan. We go to Junior’s for an excellent meal and check out the giant Disney Store. The kids share their highlights from the trip & their favorite moments may surprise you! (Sorry the date is wrong in the intro. Feel free to make fun of me about it.)

Watch More of our Trip to New York!
Jojo Siwa & Ballinger Family in New York! https://youtu.be/fS-ci3JfHrs
Ice Skating! https://youtu.be/BhItCzen7pw
Extreme Milkshakes! https://youtu.be/DJdgb0cTKuA
JoJo Siwa Movie Premiere! https://youtu.be/BF_ByY_JC00

All of our videos are closed captioned.

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Elizabeth Yousfi says:

Go check out my newest vid!!

DoomBuggy86 says:

My husband and I had red velvet cheesecake from Junior's right after getting engaged 🙂 A special place with delicious treats!

Laura Luffi says:

Jacob as the tour guy 😂😂😂

Jennifer Z says:

Why are you guys so far behind on vlogs? I love you guys but you did like 3 or 4 videos about the same Disneyland videos and now you're doing the same with NY vlogs like with the ice skating and now cheesecake. And you're a month behind on vlogs..

LERDerp says:

Juniors is the best oh ma gah

Rysquid says:

When Parker started counting, it reminded me of myself when I was younger. Every time I visited my grandparents house, I would wake up and go into my grandmas room and count to 100 to her every morning hahaha

Kirsten H says:

"Wooow" 🙂

millicent jane says:

I have only just realised who Duncan reminds me of – JACK JACK IN THE INCREDIBLES!

lynn ly says:

Omg, Bailey and Jacob and Parker were so cute in the back of the car (they are always cute though, of course)!!!!

lynn ly says:

I don't have Twitter, but I'm a true Ballinger fan!!! Seriously, I love every single one of you guys, omg, best family ever!❤️❤️❤️

TwentyOne Panics says:


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