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New York City Travel Guide // Free or Cheap Things to Do

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New York City can be crazy expensive but there are a lot of lesser known things to do that are affordable. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favorite spots in NYC! Let me know if you’d like to see another guide for the summer and/or guides on specific areas in NYC.

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kitten says:

What does it mean pay what you want for the met

Two Fingers says:

Hello Mollie,
Soon i am going to NYC and i like ur vid 😉 do u have some more tips about NYC? Anyway you got new sub from me 😉 i also like travelling, did sim vids about tips for Europe so far.

jim ca says:

wat we need in nyc is more parks.

Joshua Chamberlain says:

Inexpensove food chicken over rice halal cart 6-7 dollars.

Michelle Hobman says:

Thanks Mollie very helpful as there is so much information to gather before Christmas in New York 2017 – Brisbane Australia

Monika Matuschak says:

👏 ein sehr schönes Video von meiner Lieblingsstadt New York 🤗❤❤❤

JM Productions says:

There was an ad for people going to NYC and I thought it was the video XD

Brian O'Toole says:

the met is upper east side

Henning Air says:

Take a Look at my Channel

Backpacking Princess says:

nice video! going to New York next month, getting really excited!!

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