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New Airline Ticket Scam Exposed ( Cheap Flights )

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We ran into a new call center pretending to provide support for airline companies. They’ll try to convince you to “purchase” plane tickets via gift cards. Don’t fall for this scam! Exposing scammers live on twitch: https://goo.gl/uhpWGT


Kenny H says:

What is their obsession with Gift cards (Google, iTunes, & Etc)? What is with these scammers?

Very Vennie says:

13:08 I lost it

Enia Chao says:

Why scammers featured in all vids are all indian?

fordlandau says:

Terrific old lady voice and great patter. Brilliant!

Durrpadil says:

"What kind of seat is it going to be? I'll fly cargo!" 😂😂😂 I lost it at that point

lalala land says:

Lol cash me outside how bout da 😂

carlosb1 says:

" I'll fly cargo" HAHAHAHA

Ri2nonerok says:

Nooooooo not too hard mam!

Jason Foulks says:

"I am here :)" lmfao I lost it

just me says:

Anyone else notice "double u, double u, double u" is much longer to say than world wide web?

Jason Foulks says:

The fact the people fall for this s*** is ridiculous

Kryptonite M says:


whiskers78753 says:

who falls for this?

Anthony Tran says:

Hey! I play Runescape too! Was that you playing??

Jacqueline Bennett says:

Lil ole grandma voice reminds me of piglet from winnie the pooh I don’t know why

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